The way we feed our pets is a reflection of the love and respect we have for them.

Followers of Atlanta GirlZ Club® are well aware of the significant role pet fashion plays in our lives and that fashion is a key element in our ongoing mission of Fashion, Fun & Fundraising. More importantly are Lucy and Holly’s health and well-being and providing high quality nutrition for them is absolutely essential, as in Vital Essentials®!

Lucy, my spunky Jack Russell Terrier, is 15 years old. Lucy is remarkable! Other than some slight graying around her beautiful, sweet face, Lucy is energetic, spirited and enjoys a full and active life. When Lucy was quite young, she experienced several episodes of pancreatitis. Later on, she was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis. Lucy also has some very early stage kidney issues.

Holly, my loveable Rat Terrier, is 10 years old. Holly “adopted and rescued” our family nine years ago. She has been a welcomed blessing in our lives and in the lives of everyone she meets. Holly is sweet tempered and easy-going. Several years ago, Holly was diagnosed with (and survived!) myelofibrosis (bone marrow disease) and autoimmune anemia. It was a long and difficult (and often frightening) path for Holly, but she is doing well and has a good quality of life. We humans can learn so much from our pet companions by observing how they handle adversities.

Holly and Lucy are such sweet sisters. They love one another, play well together and enjoy the fun and event-filled life we share. Both Lucy and Holly have special needs due to their complicated and ongoing health issues. Both receive regularly scheduled exams, diagnostics and testing by their incredible veterinary internist as well as their amazing holistic vet. We have a wonderful care/treatment team, working in concert to provide the best vet care, meds, supplements and superior food that best benefits Lucy and Holly. Their quality of life is spectacular and impressive, all things considered.

For many years, I had been feeding Lucy and Holly “premium pet foods” combined with a home cooked diet. When I noticed a change for the worse in their overall health, CBCs and other diagnostics, I was relentless in my search for a better diet for Lucy and Holly. I did significant research and had lots of interaction with pet food companies, experts in the field of pet nutrition and pet foods, and I also consulted with their vets. I first began feeding Lucy a freeze dried raw diet combined with a prescription renal food. Shortly after that, I started Holly on a freeze dried diet. Lucy’s appetite and overall health improved significantly after eating Vital Essentials. Our holistic vet recommended the freeze-dried turkey mini patties hydrated with warm water to aid in their digestion. Several times per week, I also add a little Vital Essentials Beef Tripe to their meals. I also serve them cooked organic zucchini and squash with all their meals. Both GirlZ dance around the kitchen mornings and evenings in anticipation of their scrumptious and delicious Vital Essentials meals!

Our transition story is one of success. The transition period is the most essential element of a healthy and safe change from kibble, canned, heat-treated food to a freeze-dried raw diet. I transitioned Lucy and Holly slowly, allowing at least one week for their digestive systems to properly adjust from a more processed diet to their new diets of freeze dried raw food. Vital Essentials products are not over-processed or cooked which means active nutrients are fully utilized by their digestive systems. Both GirlZ immediately enjoyed eating Vital Essentials and, as mentioned, their favorite is Vital Essentials’s Turkey Mini Patties. Early on, I noticed both had healthier, firmer stools. Many pets will transition quickly and consume the freeze dried food with vigor, as Lucy and Holly did. To determine how your pet’s system is accepting the new diet, be sure to monitor your pet’s stool. On a freeze dried diet, your pet’s stool size and volume will be greatly reduced. Pets that have digestive issues and/or gastrointestinal disorders should be transitioned more slowly.

I personally like that Vital Essentials freeze dried food is great with all the traveling we do. It requires no refrigeration, plus it’s light weight to carry in their designer luggage.

Lucy, Holly and I are so very pleased at how well they have done eating Vital Essentials. There is great variety and we take bags of Vital Treats™ everywhere we go for Lucy and Holly to snack on and to share with fur friends. I am elated with the overall improvement in Lucy and Holly’s tests results and diagnostics and the three of us greatly appreciate having a partner like Vital Essentials in our corner.

BONE Appétit!


Atlanta GirlZ Club®
“We’re all about Fashion, Fun & Fundraising”

Kathi Welch owns Atlanta GirlZ Club® an influential pet Fashion, Fun & Fundraising brand featuring her fashionable doggie models, Lucy and Holly. As writers and contributors for several outlets and with their significant high profile and social media following, these GirlZ are well known pet influencers and public figures. They host and emcee events, are brand ambassadors and couture fashion models, as well as fashion print and runway models. Kathi and Lucy also have experience and backgrounds working in television. Lucy and Holly are professionally trained. They are trendy influencers in the pet community and have been featured on CNN, appeared on The Weather Channel and in YouTube videos and two books. Atlanta GirlZ Club® burst onto the Atlanta Pet Lifestyle Scene over a decade ago and use their celebrity to shine a light on animal welfare, animal rescues and fundraising efforts. Their brand motto is “We’re all about Fashion, Fun & Fundraising.” Their commitment and core mission is fundraising for animals in need.