Let’s talk turkey!

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family and holiday feasts. Family definitely includes our pets; Lucy and Holly love to dress up every day and especially on holidays. For Thanksgiving, the Atlanta GirlZ Club® decided to be fun, festive and silly. Lucy is dressed as a pilgrim and Holly is dressed as a Native American girl dressed as a turkey. They will be enjoying Vital Essentials® Turkey Mini Patties for their Thanksgiving meal, along with unseasoned, cooked organic squash and zucchini with a dollop of canned organic pumpkin (unsweetened – not pie filling). Your pets will also love the delicious taste of VE Turkey Products, including Mini Nibs, Mini Patties, Turkey Giblets and Turkey Necks (VE Raw Bar). Vital Essentials Duck or Chicken are also PAWsome meal options.

Several people have asked us if their pets can eat leftover turkey from the family table. Lucy and Holly give a big “no” to that. All of the fat and seasonings are dangerous for dogs; the fat content can cause pancreatitis, and the seasonings can irritate your dog’s stomach. Also, onions are toxic to dogs, and garlic is potentially toxic in large quantities. It’s always best to feed healthy, nutritious foods made specifically for your dog. That’s why Lucy and Holly love to “gobble gobble” up Vital Essentials Turkey. Whether freeze-dried or frozen, Vital Essentials offers a large variety of products, all containing essential nutrients that dogs instinctively crave and are satisfying meal options. Also, there are no “junk” ingredients in Vital Essentials products!

Check out Lucy and Holly’s tips for a safe Thanksgiving that your pets can also enjoy:

  • Keep the feast on the table, not under it. Eating turkey or turkey skin, sometimes even a small amount, could cause a life-threatening condition.
  • No pie or other desserts for your pooch. Chocolate can be harmful for pets, even though many dogs find it tempting and will sniff it out. The artificial sweetener called xylitol, commonly used in gum and sugar-free baked goods, can be deadly if consumed by dogs or cats.
  • Yeast dough can cause problems for pets, including painful gas and potentially dangerous bloating.
  • Put the trash away where your pets can’t find it. A turkey carcass sitting out on the carving table, or left in a trash container that is open or easily opened, could be deadly to your family pet. Dispose of turkey carcasses and bones, and anything used to wrap or tie the meat, such as strings, bags and packaging, in a covered, tightly secured trash bag placed in a closed trash container outdoors (or behind a closed, locked door).
  • Be careful with decorative plants. Some flowers and festive plants can be toxic to pets. These include amaryllis, Baby’s Breath, Sweet William, some ferns, hydrangeas and more. Take a look at this list from the ASPCA, containing plants that have been reported as having systemic effects on animals and/or intense effects on the gastrointestinal tract. Perhaps the safest route is simply to keep your pets away from all plants and table decorations.
  • Quick action can save lives. If you believe your pet has been poisoned or eaten something it shouldn’t have, call your veterinarian or local veterinary emergency clinic immediately. You may also want to call the ASPCA Poison Control Hotline: 888-426-4435. Signs of pet distress include: sudden changes in behavior, depression, pain, vomiting, or diarrhea. Contact your veterinarian immediately. Do not take a “wait and see” attitude when it comes to your pet’s safety, health and well-being.

Atlanta GirlZ Club wishes everyone a fun, safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble till you wobble and don’t forget to set your scales back ten pounds!

Please share your Thanksgiving and holiday photos with us. We’d love to see your pets enjoying their meal and/or spending fun times with you, your family and friends. Be sure to follow us and tag @vitalessentials and @lucyandholly_atlgirlzclub.


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