“Hey! Let’s do lunch!” Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking, especially about their food? Or, do you know if your pets prefer wet versus dry food? Yippee for Vital Essentials’ new campaign “Better Wetter or Nicer Naked!”

Lucy and Holly Choose between Mini Patties or Mini Nibs
Lucy and Holly Choose between Mini Patties or Mini Nibs

Recently, Lucy and Holly were sashaying about in their black velvet and lace dresses by couture designer Lola & Pooch (complete with pearl necklaces) hosting a marvelous brunch and afternoon tea party. They were all abuzz about featuring a variety of Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Foods and Treats as the centerpiece of their brunch. The GirlZ were also more than happy yappy to join the fun with Ms. Patty and Mr. Nibs on social media with #TasteofVE to find out if they prefer Better Wetter (Freeze-Dried Mini Patties, hydrated) or Nicer Naked (Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs, no water added).

Turns out, Lucy prefers her meals Better Wetter as she enjoys her nutritious Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Mini Patties served soft and juicy with a rich smell and great taste. She happily (and politely) cleaned her plate. VE’s Freeze-Dried Mini Patties are easy to break up and mix with water or bone broth for a soft, juicy and complete and balanced meal.

While Holly loved both options, she really enjoyed nibbling on Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs which are nutritious, bite sized, crunchy and have great taste. VE’s Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs are easy and convenient, just open and serve as-is for a crunchy, satisfying meal that is also complete and balanced. Voila! Two options! Both winners! Paws down!

Special thanks to Lucy and Holly’s beautiful Auntie Sherry, who not only served their delicious VE brunch in our video, but also serves as Atlanta GirlZ Club’s awesome CMO.

Your pets can also join Vital Essentials and Atlanta GirlZ Club for Better Wetter or Nicer Naked fun with Ms. Patty and Mr. Nibs on social media using the hashtag #TasteofVE. Please be sure to also follow @lucyandholly_atlgirlzclub and @vitalessentialsraw and visit VitalEssentialsRaw.com for more information.

Lucy and Holly’s pros and cons of making food: Pros: Food | Cons: Making!

Let Vital Essentials do the work for you and provide your pets with delicious, nutritious and balanced meals!


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