cat getting nails clipped

When clipping your kitty’s nails, just remember the three P’s: practice, patience and praise! Start out slowly and have patience. Begin by getting your cat familiar with having their feet touched. Practice by clipping just one nail a day until your kitty feels purr-fectly comfortable. Praise and reward your cat for the smallest victories. With practice, patience and praise your kitty will have a paw-some pawdicure in no time! 

Before clipping your cat’s nails: First check if your kitty needs a pawdicure. Some cats wear down their nails naturally through scratching, while others need regular trims. Gently press on your cat’s paw pads until the nails extend and examine the hooked part of the nail. The pink part of the nail is the quick which contains blood veins and nerves, while the clear part past the quick is growth that can be clipped. If your kitty has black nails you won’t be able to see the quick. In this case, only clip the hooked tip of the nails. If you’re concerned about clipping your cat’s nails, ask your veterinarian or groomer for a demonstration.  

Tools: Pet nail clippers or fingernail/toenail clippers. A clotting agent, such as styptic powder, is helpful to have on hand if you trim a nail too short.

Clipping: Gently restrain your kitty in your lap. Wrapping your cat in a towel may help them feel more com-fur-table. Press on the paw pads to get your kitty’s nails to extend. Clip only the sharp tip of each nail, rewarding your cat with a yummy treat, such as Freeze-Dried Minnows, after each nail clip. If you clip a nail too short, apply clotting powder and visit a veterinarian if necessary.

Maintenance: Schedule a weekly time to clip your cat’s nails to help them feel more comfortable with the procedure. Just remember not to scold your kitty while trimming their nails, as that will make them have negative associations with nail trimming. If the procedure is too stressful for you or your cat, it’s best to visit a veterinarian or professional groomer for nail clipping.  

Most importantly, don’t forget the three P’s: practice, patience and praise. Using these methods your kitty will have a purr-fectly pawlished pawdicure pronto! To learn more about caring for your pet, check out our other Blog Posts, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit the Vital Essentials Website and enter your email to receive exclusive offers. 

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