Although most kitties groom themselves, sometimes it’s necessary to give our best furiends a bath. Some cats are unable to groom themselves due to age or illness and other times it may be necessary to bathe your kitty because they got into something dirty or sticky. Bathing can also reduce shedding by helping to remove loose fur.  Always check with your veterinarian or groomer to determine how often your cat should be bathed. 

For the times when it isn’t convenient to take your cat to the groomer for a bath, you may have to take matters into your own hands. However, bathing doesn’t have to be a negative experience, with time and practice, your kitty will be sitting pretty for the bath!  Here are some tips to help make your cat’s spaw day go smoothly.


  • A sink or bathtub with a sprayer attachment and a hair trap to prevent cat hair from clogging the drain.
  • A mild, tear-less, pet-safe shampoo formulated for your cat’s skin and coat type. 
  • Cotton balls to wipe moisture from your cat’s ears.
  • Towels to dry your cat off.
  • Freeze-Dried Treats as a reward. 

Bathing Tips

  • Start getting your cat used to bathing as early as possible. Begin by getting your cat familiar with being in the sink or tub without getting a bath. Start slowly, using lots of treats and praise.
  • Once your cat feels comfortable in the tub, use warm water to wet your cat’s fur from the neck back. Avoid getting your cat’s face wet as that may cause them to panic. Instead, use a damp washcloth to wipe your cat’s face. Remember, your cat doesn’t understand what’s going on so if they show fear, take frequent breaks and reassure them using praise and rewards.
  • Once your cat’s coat is wet, apply cat-safe shampoo from the neck back, and lather using your hands.  
  • Let the shampoo sit for a minute and then rinse. A good rule of thumb is to wait until there are no more soap bubbles coming off your cat’s coat, then rinse one more time.  
  • Dry your cat using a towel and wipe any moisture from your cat’s ears using cotton balls.  
  • Reward your cat for getting a bath with some delicious Freeze-Dried Minnows!  
  • If your cat’s coat frequently has an odor, or if your cat has excessive shedding or allergies, consider switching their diet. Feeding a raw diet, such as Vital Essentials, can benefit your cat by promoting a shiny, odorless coat, reducing shedding and aiding in the growth of thick, healthy fur. 

Your best furiend will feel so clean and refreshed after their spaw day that they may even learn to love baths! So rub-a-dub your kitty in the tub your cat will thank you later. To learn more, check out our other Blog Posts, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit the Vital Essentials Website and enter your email to receive exclusive offers. 

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