Brown dog with long hair laying on a white rug.

Grooming your long haired dog or cat is good for their skin and coat, and it also gives you an opportunity to examine them so you can spot potential health problems like lumps or bumps. If your long haired dog or cat goes without grooming for too long their hair may become matted which can be painful for them. Here are a few tips for grooming dogs and cats with long hair. 

  1. Start early. Since a dog or cat with long hair will require more routine grooming than their short haired counterparts it’s important to get them used to combing and brushing early. Keep it positive and reward them using tasty Freeze-Dried Treats for Dogs or Vital Cat Treats.
  2. Maintain a schedule. Brush your pet about three times per week. Maintain a routine grooming schedule so you don’t forget. Check out this blog on Brushing Your Pet to learn more about the different types of brushes that work well for long-haired pets. 
  3. Bathe your pet. Bathing your pet can help loosen up dead fur, dirt and debris, but if your pet has tangled or matted fur, moisture can tighten up the matts. Make sure you are able to run a comb through your pet’s fur before bathing. Check out these blogs to learn How To Give Your Dog A Bath or How To Give Your Cat A Bath. 
  4. Don’t forget the pawdicure. Not only does your dog or cat need regular grooming, but you should also trim their nails. Check out how to clip your dog’s nails or learn how to clip your cat’s nails. You may also need to trim the fur in your pet’s paws. Check out this blog on paw trimming to learn more. 
  5. Dental Health is also important. Make sure you regularly brush your pet’s teeth to maintain those pearly whites. Check out these blogs to learn How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth or How To Brush Your Cat’s Teeth
  6. Clean your pet’s ears. Pet’s with long hair are especially prone to ear infections because fur sometimes grows inside the ear which can trap moisture. Check out these blogs to learn about Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears or Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears
  7. A healthy diet leads to a healthy coat. Try switching your pet to a raw diet such as Vital Cat Food or Vital Essentials Dog Food. A raw diet can benefit your pet by encouraging the growth of a thick, shiny coat and may even help reduce tangles. 

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