At Vital Essentials, we’re committed to creating innovative products that support the health and vitality of our customers. And boy do we have some delicious news for you!

By now, you may have come across some of these new dog food options on your local retailers shelves. We asked some of the cutest pups we know to share their favorite new foods and give you the inside scoop!


I cannot get enough of the new Salmon protein! Both the patties and nibs are delicious, but I am down to just crumbs with the mini patties. Mom, if you’re reading this, we need more VE…and I am hungry!



This brand new (and unique) protein is great for those pups who may experience the occasional upset tummy or itchy skin. Salmon is a high-quality protein and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which provides a number of health benefits in dogs and may aid in boosting the immune system, reducing joint inflammation, maintaining healthy skin and coat, and alleviating skin irritations or allergies. Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs are now available in this delicious protein!





Hi. Lucy & Holly here of Atlanta GirlZ Club®! We love chowing down on all our healthy, tasty VE meals and snickety snack treats. Since we’re vacaying and chillax’n at the beach, we are especially enjoying the new Salmon Mini Patties!



I love trying new things, so I was glaaaaaaaad to try out Freeze-dried Lamb bites treats! And they did not disappoint…the crunchy texture of the nib with the exotic flavor of the lamb was (seriously) unlike anything I’ve ever had before! Just look how happy I am to be surrounded by all my favorite foods!


allergy dog treats lamb


Unlike other treats that may contain ingredients that cause allergies to flare up, freeze-dried grain free lamb treats are a unique and novel protein often suggested by veterinarians to help alleviate hot spots, itchy skin, dry coat and other allergy related issues.




I cannot tell you how “hoppy” I am to have a rabbit protein for dogs! I’ve been a long time fan of rabbit ears (see below), and I can now enjoy this delicious flavor as a food, too! Mini nibs or mini patties–I love the flavor either way!



Rabbit is an excellent source of B12, which helps your dog maintain their energy level. And, for those dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies caused by other proteins, this novel protein is commonly recommended by veterinarians to help with digestive issues or allergic reactions. Besides all the great health benefits, Rabbit is just simply delicious. We’re serving up this lean and mean protein in both our Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs and Mini Patties.