two dogs with freeze dried treats

Vital Essentials treat lovers rejoice – “family sized” treats are now available in five of our best-selling proteins!

Vital Essentials new Family Size Freeze-Dried Treats include Beef Nibs, Chicken Hearts, Rabbit Bites, Minnows, and Duck Nibs. With five different grain-free and gluten-free varieties to choose from, Freeze-Dried Treats aren’t only for dogs; Chicken Hearts, Rabbit Bites and Minnows are also an excellent protein source for cats, making them a purr-fect fit for the whole fur-family.

Our treats continue to be made with USA single-sourced whole meats and vital organs, which undergo a 48-hour freeze-drying process that locks in vital nutrients without cooking the raw food, allowing it to be conveniently stored without refrigeration. Our new Family Size Freeze-Dried Treats come in a resealable pouch, making them a great choice for active families who need a lightweight, convenient treat to keep up with their busy lifestyle.  

Family Size Freeze-Dried Treats are available online or at pet food retailers across the United States and Canada. Retailers can be found using the store locator, or shop online. Follow Vital Essentials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to learn more.

cat and dog with freeze dried treats