dog celebrating new years eve

Cheers! The New Year is finally here. And, a new year also means a fresh start and a chance to try something different, whether it’s running a marathon or writing a novel. Do your New Year’s resolutions also extend to your furry family members? If so, we’ve got yummy, nutritious solutions for each of your pet resolutions—keep reading! 

Resolution #1: I want to reduce buildup on my pet’s teeth.

Solution: Crunchy food and treats to the rescue!

Often, pets who eat commercial food experience tartar buildup, dental disease and mouth infections. That’s because commercial pet food has tons of starch. Alternatively, a crunchy freeze-dried raw diet helps remove tartar and plaque while strengthening teeth, stimulating healthy gums and increasing circulation. Our VE RAW BAR Bully Sticks are a great place to start for dogs

Resolution #2: I want to relieve my pet’s itchy, dry skin.

Solution: Stock up on food and treats with fatty acids.

Is your dog or cat constantly licking and itching itself? Are you noticing patches of dry skin? This is super common and can be mitigated by feeding foods and treats high in Omega-3s. These fatty acids reduce skin problems like dry skin, dander and scaling disorders like seborrhea. Our Freeze-Dried Salmon Skins have tons of naturally-occurring Omega-3s and nutritious single-source protein. Our recent post “How to Add Omega-3s to Your Pet’s Diet” will provide you with even more helpful information.

Resolution #3: I want to reduce my pet’s allergy symptoms.

Solution: Go grain and gluten free.

Did you know? Processed food can cause your pet to develop allergies, which often show up as ear and eye infections, skin issues, gut problems and more ailments. Grain and gluten free food like Vital Essentials reduces the risk of allergies in dogs and cats. Not all grain-free foods are created equal but one of our most popular articles reveals how raw, grain-free dog food can be a safe and healthy option for your pup.

Resolution #4: I want my pet to be a little less stinky. (No offense, Chester.)

Solution: Put down the air freshener—and try a raw diet.

Have you noticed your furry friend being a little stinkier than usual? That can potentially be solved by a raw diet, which boosts the immune system and leads to a silky, odorless coat. Better yet, pets on a raw diet pass less gas and have less frequent (and smaller) poops… which is good for the whole family!

Resolution #5: I want to increase my pet’s energy level.

Solution: Energize them with protein and nutrient-rich food.

How do you feel after eating a balanced breakfast? Ready to tackle the day, right? It’s the same for our pets! Feeding cats and dogs a raw diet packed with nutrients like vitamins, minerals and taurine, gives them the fuel to maintain an ideal weight and muscle tone, grow strong bones and just generally enjoy life.

Resolution #6: I want to find a food my picky eater likes.

Solution: Try out raw and freeze-dried food and treats.

It’s not fun to watch your pup or kitty turn their nose up at their food, but sometimes it’s not their fault. Nature intended that our pets eat primal, protein-rich diets made with wholesome ingredients, which is why we’ve created a full line of treats, supplements and food that even the pickiest of eaters adore.

Bonus Resolution: I want to improve my pet’s fitness

Solution: Exercise your pet regularly.

Increasing activity levels can be a great resolution for both you and your pet! Our recent post “Getting Active with Your Pets” covers a few easy ways to get started.

If you have any of these resolutions in mind for your pet in the new year, it’s time to switch to Vital Essentials! Our raw and freeze-dried pet food products are complete and balanced, made with no artificial ingredients, grains, gluten  or fillers and are 100% USA sourced, made and packaged. Feel confident feeding your pet Vital Essentials—just check out all the testimonials from satisfied customers.