Updated 11/27/2018

Here at Vital Essentials we love our pets, many of which were either adopted as senior pets or have grown with our families into senior pets.

In honor of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month (November), we visited some of the shelters right here in our own backyard to help spread the word about these adorable, adoptable pets.  Older pets are loyal and lovable.  Adopting a senior pet comes with some advantages:

  • You may not need to monitor or train these grown-up pets like puppies and kittens
  • Many will come to your home already housetrained
  • These pets are already full grown and ready to show off their unique personalities and grooming needs, which makes it easier to pick the perfect pet for your family

Now, let’s meet some of those senior pets!


From Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary:



  • 16 yr old male Tuxedo
  • He’s the BOSS and a Lone Ranger, no other pets please
  • Tough on the outside, but a real lover on the inside
  • If he were on TV, he’d be Ron Swanson


  • 7 yr old male domestic shorthair
  • Loves to be groomed
  • Sweet, but prefers home with adults only
  • His emoji would be the eye roll


  • 12 yr old domestic shorthair female
  • Favorite pastime:  Napping, napping and more napping
  • Awesome lap cat – loves to be brushed, cuddled and loved
  • If she were an actor, she’d be Betty White



From Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary:




  • 9 yr old Maine Coon mix female
  • Happily lives with other cats, dogs maybe not
  • Will come to you for pets and love
  • Contented to just be herself


  • 9 yr old domestic short hair male
  • Definitely a lap cat!
  • You have other cats, dogs, kids?  He’ll fit right in




  • 7 yr old male Rat Terrier Mix
  • Chillin’ like a villain – can hang with anyone and everyone (well….maybe not cats so much)
  • LOVES to be with people
  • If her were a superhero, he’d be Spiderman


  • 12 yr old Chihauahua Mix female
  • Loves to snuggle with dog friends and human friends
  • Respect her age and her sight limitations
  • She’s a cookies and cream kinda gal


From the Wisconsin Humane Society – Bay Area:





  • 14 yr old domestic short hair female
  • She’s not a loner!  Looking for a house with other cats
  • Friendly and laid back is her style
  • Keep her age in mind at dinner time…has some special diet needs


  • 6 yr old domestic short hair female
  • Shy girl best describes Kisses
  • Looking for a home with other grown ups…Kids can be scary





  • 6 yr old female Lab mix
  • Loves older kiddos
  • “Sudden movements startle me!” says Daisy
  • If you like to take long walks on the beach (or anywhere else), this is your partner
  • Maybe older, but still very active
  • Sweet and cuddly describes her to a T


  • 6 yr old female Coonhound mix
  • Outgoing and loves families with children
  • “Take me wherever you go,” asks Lady (she’s not fond of being left alone for long periods)
  • One dog show – she likes to be the center of attention