Best stocking stuffers for dogs

It happens every year.

You find yourself aimlessly wandering the aisles of your local pet store, or scrolling online without clicking, trying to think of a good dog stocking stuffer for your pet-loving friends and family.

Maybe you think you’ll buy the dog owners in your life a new toy, but then you wonder if they already have enough toys — or if their dog will quickly destroy it anyway. A new chew, perhaps? But then, you’re not sure if they are pro- or anti-rawhide. 

You consider buying them a new bandana or collar — but what size? What style? And anyway, you’d rather buy something that works for all dogs, large and small, so you can purchase it in bulk.

Finally, you think to yourself, “I’ll just buy them dog treats. All dogs love treats!”

But wait! What if your friend’s dog has allergies? Or what if they only feed their pooch organic or grain free? The last thing you want to do is waste your money buying someone a bag of treats their dog can’t even eat!

Who knew buying Christmas gifts for dogs would be this complicated?!

That’s why Vital Essentials is launching a holiday sale for Freeze-Dried Dog Treats that make the perfect dog stocking stuffers for all the dog-lovers in your life!

Our Family Size Dog Treats are the perfect package for the whole fur-family, and at $3 off both in-store and online from now through the end of 2021, they’re at the best possible value. These simple and natural dog treats are the ideal gift for your own fur-babies this Christmas, and they also make excellent dog stocking stuffers for any friend or family member who has a four-legged friend. 

This year, don’t buy your groomer or dog-walker yet another bland box of Milkbones.

The perfect Christmas gift for all the dog owners you know

What makes Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Dog Treats the perfect treat for all dogs, all ages, and all breeds? It’s because our dog treats are grain free, gluten free, limited ingredient, ethically sourced, made in the USA, organic, raw, nutritious and delicious!

pawfect perfect holiday pet treats

Our holiday sale on Family Size Dog Treats features our top selling proteins — Rabbit Bites, Beef Nibs and Minnows. You won’t need a magnifying glass to know what our treats contain: a pack of Freeze-Dried Minnows contains nothing but minnows, while our Rabbit Bites and Beef Nibs consist of pure raw meat with a single natural preservative for boosted Vitamin E and nothing else — no mysterious fillers, artificial flavorings or food dyes.

In fact, the ingredient list on all of our freeze-dried treats is so small that it could fit on a pencil!

That means no more standing in the aisle at the pet store Googling all the ingredients on the back of a bag of dog treats just to make sure it’s safe for your cousin’s organic-fed poodle. 

With Vital Essentials you can rest assured that you’re buying a safe and natural treat that any dog can eat, making them the perfect dog stocking stuffer. You won’t need to worry about your thoughtful Christmas gift going to waste (or being re-gifted!).

 Purchase a bag of Family Size Treats for your groomer, your petsitter, your dog trainer, your local animal shelter or anyone who has a dog — and cross them all off your Christmas list at once!

Convenience that won’t complicate your Christmas shopping

We know you have a lot of people (and pets) on your Christmas list, and you don’t have time to track down everything. Picking out the perfect stocking stuffer for dogs needs to be simple and convenient.

That’s why we’ve created a map of participating retailers, so you can pick them up at your local independent pet store. Plus, you’ll feel good supporting hometown businesses by shopping locally this holiday season. 

You can also order online for maximum convenience and the same great savings!

Don’t forget YOUR fur-babies, too!

Statistics show that 76% of dog owners give Christmas presents to their pets, and let’s face it — you’d just feel guilty seeing Rover’s big puppy-eyes on Christmas morning if you left him out! So, once you’ve secured a bag of Family Size Treats for all the dog-lovers on your list, make sure to pick up a few for your own pups

Use these Family Size packs to fill your dog’s stockingand the pantry. 

The larger the package, the better the value, so if you have a few dogs (or just one who goes minnow-mad!) this is the time to stock up and take advantage of the savings.

After all, we’ve seen it before: You think one of the regular-sized packages will be enough, but then your dog loves these treats so much that they go through the entire bag much faster than you expect! (Psst, our treats are all safe for kitties, too — so if Whiskers sneaks off with a minnow or two, it’s his lucky day!)

Grab your bag now — before they’ve all been eaten

The savings on Vital Essentials freeze-dried dog treats start now and last until the end of the year. This promotion won’t be changing closer to Christmas, so there’s no reason to wait! You’re already getting the best deal.

If you do wait to buy your bag of Family Size Treats, your local store may sell out of these popular treats just when you need them — so it’s better to be safe and buy now.

Start here to find your local participating store, beat the Christmas rush and get a head start on your holiday shopping this year. We welcome you to share your experience using the hashtag #VitalHolidayTreats to let us know what you and your fur-kids think!


If you still have questions about any of our Vital Essentials freeze-dried dog treats, we’re always here to answer them. But we’re confident that once your furry friend samples our simple and natural dog treats, you’ll understand what makes Vital Essentials so loved by pet parents.

With $3 off on every pack of Family Size Dog Treats from now until the end of the year, don’t wait to take advantage of these perfect dog stocking stuffers for all the pet parents on your Christmas list. 


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