According to a report from the American Fire Administration, house fires affect approximately 500,000 pets each year. July is Pet Fire Safety Month, and while dangerous situations aren’t something pet owners always want to think about, it’s important to be prepared incase of emergency! Here’s how you can keep your pets safe incase of fire.

Remove Potential Hazards

Pets are curious; an open flame from a candle or fireplace is a huge hazard to your home. Never leave any open flames unattended, and completely extinguish them before leaving the house. Securing wires and cords is also important, as dogs or cats chewing on them could lead to an electrical fire. If you’re worried about something that could cause harm, keep it out of your pets reach!


Safely Secure Pets

When leaving pets home alone, keep them in an area or room where firefighters could quickly find them to remove them from danger. Be sure to keep your pets ID tags and collars on, and have leashes easily accessible. If your pet frightened, they could try to hide; be aware of the places your pet may gravitate to during a stressful time.


Make Your Pets Known

Make a pet alert window sign, indicating the number of pets inside your home, and attach it to your front window. This information saves critical time when rescuers are looking for pets during an emergency. It’s easy to make your own sign, check out our pet fire safety Pinterest board for ideas.


Make a Plan

The most important thing is to be prepared! Ensure that your home is well equipped with smoke (and carbon monoxide) detectors. Make a family plan so you know who is responsible for the evacuation of your pets when planning your emergency escape. Emergencies and fires are a scary time for both humans and pets alike, so practice your escape route and know your role in your family evacuation plan.