Woof Meow Show with animal nutritionist Dr. Richard Patton

Did you know that what you feed your pet directly affects their health and longevity? The feeding of excess carbohydrates to dogs and cats is one of the most significant issues that we need to address if we want to feed our pets for optimal health, according to Dr. Richard Patton PhD. 

Dr. Patton has spent more than 40 years as an animal nutritionist, working in 25 countries and formulating diets for nearly every kind of animal. He was first interviewed for the Woof Meow Show in 2016. Many of the issues related to canine and feline nutrition that Dr. Patton described in that episode are still relevant today. 

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In the most recent episode of the Woof Meow Show, Dr. Patton digs deep into the topic of “big kibble” and how purchasing pet foods based on convenience and cost means more unhealthy carbs in your pet’s diet. Learn more about what to feed your pet to help them live a longer and healthier life by listening to the full episode! 

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