Gilda Radner once said, “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role models for being alive.” At Vital Essentials®, we wholeheartedly agree. For our customers, their pets are considered family members, and bring a highly valued quality of life into each and every home.

At Vital Essentials, we consider ourselves pet health advocates who deliver the ultimate in healthy, nutritious foods for cats and dogs globally. We innovate products that improve the overall quality of life for pets, which directly translates into improved lives for their owners. In fact, we manufacture at least 10 innovative products that are available nowhere else in the world.  Just as with any other family member, pet parents want fewer visits to the doctor (in this case the veterinarian), healthy pets that can play and actively interact with the family and most importantly happy pets. We believe our foods deliver on those aspirations.

Our freeze-dried and frozen raw foods and treats are based on a prey-model diet in which we only use the freshest meats, organs and bone to manufacture our products. Cats and dogs are carnivores and are best suited for a whole meat diet, just the way nature intended.

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We aspire to reach as many pet parents as possible, and help educate them on the importance of their pets’ health and create real relationships. We provide insight, answer questions, and help them navigate through their options to make the best food choice possible. In doing so, we not only provide a better life for a member of their family, but also elevate the quality of their time spent together. Creating these genuine and personal experiences with our customers contributes to our overall success as an organization, as we continue to innovate with our real end-user in mind.

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Today, we distribute products to 14 countries and can be found in 6,000 independent pet stores throughout the US. Although these are impressive numbers, the most important measure of success for the company is the number of pet parents who have benefited directly by our foods. Their cats and dogs are healthier; more active, live longer lives, incur fewer medical expenses and enrich the lives of their families.

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Vital Essentials CEO and Owner, Lanny Viegut