When picking the right kind of cat to be your furry companion, you do not just decide on the prettiest one and get it. Instead, there are several considerations you have to think of to ensure that it is a perfect match.

Remember, having cats is a long-term responsibility no matter what your reasons are to get one. They will become a big part of your life. With all the cat breeds right now, it can be hard to find the right kitty for you. Oh, It sure can be tough! But how do you choose a pet to match with your complex personality? Here’s how!

Best Buddy for the Bookworm

Bookworms are necessarily no-fuss people. Their usual past time is retreating into their homes and curling up with a good read in hand.

You may also call them introverts or homebodies. They prefer to spend their time with the company of their beloved pet; away from the hustle and bustle of the world around them.

If you are this person and someone who does not have the patience for a rambunctious cat, you may get one that is already an adult. That way, you will have more time to hit those books.

A Russian Blue cat, perhaps? Russian Blues are contented with a few pats on their heads. They are the happiest when sitting on your lap while you go through those pages. Definitely a cat for a homebody!

Perfect Cat for the Gym Rat

You are someone who thrives on marathons, treadmills, and protein bars. You live for long runs along the countryside or you are someone who can spend hours on the gym. You are just always on the go!

Do you know something that could make your activity time better? A cat to do it with!

The Abyssinian Cat or a Bengal may be the best option as these breeds are very energetic. They are intelligent, persistent and constant attention seekers.

They are shy of strangers but do not mind hogging your full attention. Keeping these breeds entertained and active is a must if you want to have a happy tabby.

Friend for a Fashionista

You live for curated feeds, well-assembled outfits, and your place is perfectly arranged. It seems like your whole life is a stunning photograph! You are always at the forefront of fashion trends and to be quite honest, the envy of people around you.

You need a pet that is equally as cool and pretty. A Persian Cat would be a perfect addition to your already perfect and stylish life!

Its long and gorgeous coat will be the envy of onlookers while parading down the catwalk. Plus, it will quietly lounge on your armchair or its own bed while you are going your thing.

Baby for a Busy Bee

You are someone who is always on the go with a hundred things on your to-do-list. You have a busy schedule day in and day out that you barely have time to sit down and answer those emails. You are just too busy to have a pet at the moment but you do love cats.

A British Shorthair Cat might be the perfect housemate for you. They love to spend as much time as you can spare.

If you are too occupied, they have their own thing going on too! This seems like a perfect match as this breed likes to sleep and lounge around.

Purrfect Companion For a People Person

You are everyone’s friend. You have a wide web of acquaintances all over the city.

Some may say, you are the life of the party. You have a group of friends that you go to and talk to about almost anything.

When you are alone at home and none of your friends could entertain you, who do you go to? Your Siamese cat! This breed loves yaking and would not mind if you yourself is a chatterbox!

Canine and Feline Lover

You are someone who loves dogs. You may already have a dog or two and is currently thinking of adding a member to the family. Instead of having another dog, you are thinking of adding a feline companion.

Who says cats and dogs cannot get along? There are certain breeds of cats that would coexist well with dogs and other animals.

Birman Cats, for example, are well known for being calm, well mannered, and for having a knack with playing fetch.

Bombay Cats are playful, affectionate, and get along well with dogs. They even prefer dogs as their snuggle buddy.

Now, your doggo can have a new playmate!