cat eating raw freeze dried treat

Finding treats your cat would beg for used to be difficult. Thankfully, there are three unique and healthy raw cat treats your BFF (Best Feline Friend) will simply love!

These treats will not only leave cats purring for more but may also calm their sensitive stomachs, provide relief for their dry skin and coats, make essential nutrients easy to absorb, and even create less waste. They can also help improve your furiend’s oral health by promoting strong teeth and fighting bad breath. 

These raw cat treats are limited-ingredient products that truly allow your cat to experience all of the possible health benefits of a raw diet.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye once-and-for-all to:

  • Excess carbohydrates (including gluten & grains),
  • Artificial preservatives & coloring,
  • Rendered by-products,
  • Added fillers & flavorings and
  • Synthetic vitamins & minerals 

…then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll dive into the most paw-some raw cat treats out there, including chicken heart, freeze-dried minnows and duck liver treats. Let’s check out the nutritional information and benefits of each.

Chicken Heart for Cats

How They’re Made

Our freeze-dried chicken hearts are made from pure, raw, freeze-dried chicken heart. You read that right. Our chicken hearts for cats are a single-ingredient, high-protein cat treat, making them the purr-fect treat for your hungry feline! These freeze-dried chicken hearts are 100% USA sourced, made and packaged. First, they’re prepared from pure, raw chicken hearts that go through a slow, 48-hour freeze-drying process—no muss, no fuss! This ensures a fresh, safe, raw pet treat that is lightweight and delicious for your furry friend.

Why Cats Love Them

Cats will love the taste because our freeze-drying process locks in the natural flavor, texture and freshness of the meat without compromising any nutritional value. This makes our freeze-dried chicken hearts a healthy, nutritious and delicious way to feed your cat between meals. Soon, these real-meat treats will become your fur-iend’s new favorite.

Health Benefits for Your Feline

These healthy cat treats support your cat’s health, too. That’s because freeze-dried chicken hearts are packed with vital nutrients like protein that build strong muscles and even reduce the risk of injury.

So have a heart! Give your four-legged family member a treat that will promote their health and vitality.

Freeze-Dried Minnows for Cats

A Feline Favorite

Our freeze-dried minnow treats, made from pure, raw minnows, are also single-ingredient, high-protein treats that support your cat’s health, naturally. No added hormones, antibiotics, fillers, flavoring or rendered by-products—just delicious, nutrient-packed treats. These are one of our most popular picks among cat families, so if you’re looking for a little love from your kitty, this is the treat for you.

Flavor that Packs a Punch

Freeze-dried minnows for cats are a favorite because cats simply and instinctively love the taste. That’s thanks to our 48-hour, slow freeze-drying process that locks in the natural flavor, texture and freshness of the minnow without compromising any of those great nutrients.

These freeze-dried cat treats aren’t just a healthy, nutritious and delicious way to feed your cat between meals—they’re a safe, raw, fresh pet treat that your cat will find simply scrumptious.

Duck Liver Cat Treats

Rich Duck Goodness

Our duck liver cat treats are made from pure, raw, freeze-dried duck liver. They’re made with 100% USA sourced duck liver from the nation’s heartland that’s then freeze-dried, ensuring a fresh, safe, raw cat treat that is lightweight, easy to travel with, nutritious and delicious.

Purr-fect for the Picky Pet

Is your cat persnickety? Worry no more! Duck cat treats are the purr-fect limited-ingredient treat for your picky fur-baby! They’ll love the flavor while reaping the benefits of all the nutritional value raw cat treats provide.

What’s Not to Love?

You want your pet to have the very best, don’t you?

Not only will your feline love these three raw, freeze-dried cat treats, you’ll love the health benefits they provide your pet.

As the most tenured RAW pet food producer in the nation (providing RAW pet nutrition since 1968), we here at Vital Essentials are committed to providing healthy food and treat options for your pets. 

So, if you want your feline to fight obesity while improving dental, coat and skin health, reducing allergies and odors and giving them more energy, Vital Essentials is the way to go!

Check out more information about our 8 Vital Essentials raw cat treat flavors here.