Vital Essentials makes feeding your dog a raw diet easy and convenient

When people think of raw feeding their pets they often think of crafting diets using elaborate recipes that require chopping, mixing and grinding, combined with complicated vitamin additives, to ensure your pet is getting adequate nutrition. However, nowadays feeding your dog or cat all the goodness of a raw diet doesn’t need to be complicated. Vital Essentials has created raw freeze-dried dog and cat food that makes going raw easy and convenient. Using only real meat, organ and bone, Vital Essentials freeze-dried raw diets provide a daily dose of nutrition, delivered right to your front door. 

Why it’s easy to feed Vital Essentials raw diets


All Vital Essentials products start with real meat. Our line of freeze-dried dog and cat food and treats undergo a slow, 48-hour freeze-drying process that locks in vital nutrients without cooking the raw meat. The result is a premium pet product that is fresh, tastes great and is also lightweight! No more 40 pound bags of kibble to throw in the car and drag up to your house; just a lightweight raw diet, ensuring the superior health benefits your best fur-iend deserves.  

Easy to store

Are you sick of using those big, bulky dog food storage containers to keep your kibble fresh? Well you won’t need one of those when it comes to Vital Essentials freeze-dried food. We’ve got resealable bags to make raw feeding easy and convenient. You won’t have to lug around a big plastic tote of dog food while traveling, you can fit Vital Essentials right in your luggage! Going camping? Toss it in your backpack! Just feed as needed, seal the bag when you’re done using it, and it will stay fresh for a whole month.

Balanced ingredients

Dogs and cats require a balanced diet with protein, vitamins and minerals to help fuel their daily adventures. Other pet foods like kibble contain junk ingredients, so those pet food manufacturers have to supplement their food with synthetic vitamins and minerals. Vital Essentials freeze-dried food and treats are made with only fresh meat, organ and bone; these ingredients naturally contain all of the vitamins and minerals your pet needs. Feeding your pet kibble is a lot like feeding a child fast food every day. Although a child can live on a fast food diet, it certainly wouldn’t be healthy for them and the same goes for your dog or cat.  

Easy to supplement

If you’re looking for a supplement to add to your pet’s raw diet, or if you’re looking to supplement traditional kibble by mixing in raw, Vital Essentials has a variety of options available to you. One of our most popular supplements is Freeze-Dried Beef Tripe, which contains probiotics, natural enzymes, amino acids and fatty acids that help boost your pet’s immune system and promote digestive health. Another way Vital Essentials has made it easy to supplement your dog or cat’s diet with the goodness of raw nutrition is with Freeze-Dried Toppers. Sprinkle freeze-dried raw Beef, Chicken or Turkey on top of your pet’s regular food for those picky eaters, or as an added protein boost, or simply to get the benefits of raw food into your pet’s everyday diet. Any way you serve it, you can’t go wrong when it comes to Vital Essentials freeze-dried raw nutrition.

Get it delivered

Vital Essentials has also made raw feeding easy by making it convenient for you to purchase in stores, or get it delivered right to your front door. Here’s how: 

  • Buy in store – Vital Essentials is available for purchase at select pet specialty retailers. Buying your pet food in the store is fun because many retailers allow you to bring your pet along to help shop, so bring your dog or cat along and let them pick out a VE RAW BAR snack! Many retailers also offer delivery services or car side pickup, so you can place your Vital Essentials order ahead of time and get it delivered right to your home or the back seat of your car. 
  • Buy online – Vital Essentials is available online with free shipping on orders of $50 or more. You can get your best fur-iend’s healthy raw food shipped directly to your home! It doesn’t get much easier than that. No need for transportation; save on gas, save on shipping, and save on time with a no-hassle delivery. That means less time shopping, since you can shop right from the convenience of your couch, and more time cuddling and playing with your dog or cat.
Everett loves Vital Essentials freeze-dried dog food and treats
Photo Credit: @everettthebrave

See the raw feeding results for yourself

When Vital Essentials is on the menu, mealtime is the most exciting time of the day for your dog or cat. If you’re thinking of trying Vital Essentials for your pet for the first time, be sure to make the switch to a purely raw diet slowly. Mix the raw diet in with your pets regular food and take at least 10-14 days to gradually transition your pet’s diet so your pet’s digestive system has time to adjust to the new food. Once you make the switch, you’ll be able to see the raw feeding results for yourself. Cleaner teeth, fresher breath, a more soft and shiny coat, and a more energetic and happy pet are just a few benefits you can expect to see.

But don’t just take our word for it, read some of our customer’s Real Pet Stories, like this review from @everettthebrave: “Vital Essentials is one of my favorite brands. Their products are healthy and the fact that they are single ingredient as well is amazing. Every single one of these products are things I feel good about feeding my dog.” 

Now head on over to our online store to pick up a bag of Vital Essentials for your own pet, and see the benefits for yourself. Or read even more about freeze-dried raw dog food and freeze-dried raw cat food.