mini goldendoodle dog enjoying freeze dried salmon skin dog treats

You may recognize this fluffy face, Charlie (@Charliegoldthedoodle) from our Instagram, or more recently from our Relax Hemp Chews packaging! Charlie is a Mini(ish) Goldendoodle living his best life in Atlanta, Georgia with his mom Stephanie. At the young age of 4, Charlie is a certified therapy dog.

Charlie joined the Vital Essentials pack about a year ago, as recounted by his mom, Stephanie: “I was originally interested in Vital Essentials when Charlie was a puppy and was SO picky! I found the Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Beef Topper and started adding that to his food. I was interested in other products from Vital Essentials, so after that I started buying other freeze-dried treats. I chose to give him Vital Essentials because I know exactly what is in them – real meat (and no fillers!).”

dog with relax hemp dog chews

When developing the new Hemp Chews, we knew we wanted to showcase real pets with real stories of how they use Vital Essentials products. Charlie’s adorable hairdo and demeanor were the the paw-fect match for our all-natural chews. Plus, we knew the Hemp Chews would certainly come in handy for Charlie, and boy, did they ever….

Recently, Charlie has been seeing great results with the RELAX Hemp Chews (and not just because he’s proudly featured on the front), Stephanie explains, “I have a lot of close friends who have had babies recently. When I go to visit them, they insist on me bringing Charlie! He’s always loved kids so much, but he has recently become obsessed with babies. He’s become so obsessed that he won’t leave their side and wants to lick their faces, which is something I won’t allow him to do. He gets so excited that he sometimes barks, which is something he doesn’t usually do at all. I started giving him a couple of the Hemp Chews before being around babies and they have made a world of difference! He’s still pretty obsessed, but he can calmly sit by them without trying to give them a bath. I am also able to get his attention on me while there is a baby around, which I couldn’t do before.”

More about RELAX Hemp Chews

RELAX Freeze-Dried Hemp Chews are premium all-natural chews specifically formulated with a targeted spectrum terpene profile – Humulene, Myrcene and Bisabolol. Best of all, these chews are made with 100% beef with no artificial ingredients or flavorings, so even the pickiest of pups will approve of these chews. Each package contains 120 mg of Hemp Oil per 3 oz bag and 2 mg of Hemp Oil per chew.

To purchase any of our Hemp Chews, find a local Vital Essentials retailer near you!