If you’ve suddenly found yourself spending a lot more time at home, there’s an unexpected silver lining: You get to spend a bunch of time with your pet! However, for your pet, that means no more sleeping on the couch all day, and a whole lot less personal space. This can lead to stress and anxiety for your best furiend who may be used to a very different routine. Here are some tips to help ease your pet’s anxiety and maximize your extra time together.


Office Space

Dog laying on bed while lady works on laptop

Give your pet their own private office space while you work by setting up a pet bed or blanket next to your desk. For cats, you can even set up a short, open cardboard box as a peaceful fortress for your feline furiend. Throw in some toys and Freeze-Dried Treats, and your companion will have their own safe space near you to relax. Any time work gets you stressed you can reach down and pet your furry friend which will lower your blood pressure and heart rate. That’s a bonus for the both of you!


Cat laying on bed under blankets

If your pet is feeling anxious or scared, gently wrapping them in a blanket or towel can help them feel more secure.  You can even purchase an anxiety shirt or wrap for your pet. This works the same way swaddling an infant works and has the added bonus of keeping your pet warm. If you swaddle your pet in an item that smells like you it will help them to feel even more content.

Brain Games   

White dog sniffing grass

Playing brain games with your pet can help alleviate their boredom leading to relaxation. Hide high-value treats either in the grass in your fenced-in backyard or throughout your home, in boxes or other containers. You know that big tree in the middle of the yard? That may make for the best doggone hiding spot for your pup! Looking for a spot indoors? Try hiding treats behind a couch or under the kitchen table, but don’t make it too hard because you don’t want your Fido or feline to get discouraged. Your pet must use their nose to find the treats which is challenging and rewarding for them.


Things may be a little uncertain right now but our best furiends don’t really understand what’s going on. By using these tips you can help reduce your pet’s stress and strengthen the bond you share with your pet. Think of this time as a best-buddy bonus; more time we get to spend with our furry-friends! For more information on Vital Essentials COVID-19 response, read our COVID-19 Update and our Vital Relief Challenge for Local Support. For more pet tips and tricks follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or check out our other Blog posts and visit the Vital Essentials Website to enter your email for exclusive offers.