cardigan welsh corgi with paw up

Have you seen this PAWesome pooch on the front of our RELIEF Hemp Chews package? This lovely lady is three-year-old Navy (@NavyCorgi) the Cardigan Welsh Corgi! Navy lives in Washington DC with her younger brother Duke and her pet parents Zach and Alex. 

Recently, Navy’s pet parents purchased a house and moved. If that wasn’t scary enough, her mom Alex said they’ve also had various new people in the house working on improvements “making strange noises, bringing in new smells and introducing new tools and objects.” For a dog, that can be pretty traumatic! Luckily, Navy has RELIEF Hemp Chews to provide support when she needs it the most. 

“When we give Navy a Hemp Chew she will take it and immediately run away, afraid that her brother will try to steal it from her,” Alex recounted.

small dog enjoys vital essentials freeze dried beef dog treats

We chose Navy as a spokes-dog for Hemp Chews because we wanted to showcase real pets with real stories of how they use Vital Essentials products. Navy’s diva-dog demeanor and boisterous bark were the paw-fect match for our all-natural hemp-infused chews. Plus, we knew the Hemp Chews would come in handy for Navy, especially after she tussles with her brother Duke or practices her climbing skills in the house. 

“We think Navy might be part cat,” Alex says. “We will find her perched up on top of furniture, laying on the top of couches, or snuggled onto a shelf somewhere.”

Navy loves Vital Essentials food, treats and chews so much, she sometimes gets a bit dramatic about it. “She definitely lets us know when she is hungry,” Alex says. “She will walk over to her food bowl, whine and push her bowl around, continuing to whine louder until we feed her.”

You can read this blog to learn about the changes Navy experienced after being fed a raw diet for a year. Alex says she gives Navy Hemp Chews to take the edge off during stressful situations and provide relief. “She loves anything and everything from Vital Essentials!” 

More about RELIEF Hemp Chews

RELIEF Freeze-Dried Hemp Chews are premium all-natural chews specifically formulated with a targeted spectrum terpene profile – Humulene, Myrcene, Pinene, Bisabolol and Caryophyllene. Best of all, these chews are made with 100% beef with no artificial ingredients or flavorings, so even the pickiest of pups will approve of these chews. Each package contains 120 mg of Hemp Oil per 3 oz bag and 2 mg of Hemp Oil per chew.

To purchase any of our Hemp Chews, find a local Vital Essentials retailer near you!