We’d like to introduce you to someone special: This is Keira, the spokes-dog for Vital Essentials REVIVE Hemp Chews. Keira (@theagilityadventuresofkeira) is a three-year-old Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix who lives in the Pacific Northwest with her mom Victoria. 

Keira and her mom are very active, spending their free time hiking, camping and going on various fun-filled adventures. Keira also participates in canine sports including agility, disc dog, trick dog and barn hunt. With such an action-packed athletic lifestyle, Keira needs a little something extra to help keep her alert and focused. That’s where REVIVE Hemp Chews come in. 

REVIVE Hemp Chews give Keira a boost of protein and energy to help her confidently explore the great outdoors or complete a flawless agility run. 

“Whether it be dog sports, adventures, or vacations together, at the end of the day Keira is happiest doing things together,” Victoria says. “Our drawers are FILLED with Vital Essentials (@vitalessentialsraw). Vital Essentials is 100% raw and is completely balanced. All their animal products are sourced from the USA so I know I can trust them.”

We chose Keira as a spokes-dog for Hemp Chews because we wanted to showcase real pets with real stories of how they use Vital Essentials products. We knew Keira’s confident personality and love of all things water would be a natural match for our all-meat hemp-infused chews. Plus, we knew the Hemp Chews would come in handy as training treats, rewards and to help keep Keira focused during competitions. To learn more about Keira’s raw feeding journey, check out this blog

“You can’t love every food. Your dog can’t thrive on every food you try,” Victoria says. “We have been working with Vital Essentials for about a year and a half, and my dogs absolutely thrive on their food and I love everything they stand for.”

More about REVIVE Hemp Chews

REVIVE Freeze-Dried Hemp Chews are specifically formulated with a targeted spectrum terpene profile – Pinene, Caryophyllene and Humulene. REVIVE’s targeted spectrum terpene blend helps promote alertness, stimulate energy and maintain focus. Best of all, these chews are made with 100% beef with no artificial ingredients or flavorings, infused with custom spectrum USA hemp oil, helping to deliver condition specific support for dogs. Each package contains 120 mg of Hemp Oil per 3 oz bag and 2 mg of Hemp Oil per chew. 


To purchase any of our Hemp Chews, find a local Vital Essentials retailer near you!