Check Out Our Other DOGust Blogs:  Let’s Celebrate DOGust!,  How Adopting a Pet Can Help You Be Happy and HealthyD.I.Y. DOGust Pup-sicles dog wearing birthday girl bandana

Our pets are our family and, just like any other family member, we love to celebrate their birthday. Because the actual birthday for some dogs may be unknown, August 1st is considered the universal birthday for shelter dogs or dogs with unknown birth dates. At Vital Essentials, we’ve been celebrating DOGust all month long. We’ve reached out to some of our biggest sup-paw-tors and found seven ways you can celebrate DOGust at home with your pups and their fur-iends.

1. Bake a pup-cakedog celebrating first birthday eating dog cake

Duke and Navy (@navycorgi) LOVE Vital Essentials food and treats. Their pet parents celebrate birthdays by cooking a yummy Vital Essentials cake for their pups. Check out their blog for a recipe and directions to make your own pup a delicious birthday cake to celebrate. 

2. Throw a swim partydog in a lake

Keira (@theadventuresofkeira) absolutely loves to swim, and she’s always down for a dip in the lake. Find a pool for dogs or a dog safe beach and take your pup for a swim with all of his or her besties. Don’t forget to pack a doggy life jacket and some yummy freeze-dried snacks with a boost of protein to supply energy for your dog and their friends. Check out this blog for some water safety tips to help ensure your pup has a safe and fun time while swimming.

3. Prepare a gourmet raw dinner

dog with gourmet raw dog food dinner

Lambeau (@lambeauminiaussie) likes to celebrate her birthday, or really any day, by enjoying a raw feast! Using Vital Essentials Frozen or Freeze-Dried entrees, craft a gourmet dinner for your pup. Check out the new FUSION frozen dinner patties that come in Beef or Chicken fused with superfoods like apple, squash, carrot, blueberry and broccoli. For a very special feast, add in some Freeze-Dried Treats and Snacks. Your pup will dig the extra tasty variety.

4. Play games

birthday dog standing on hind legsNordic (@nordicpuppy) likes performing tricks for tasty snacks like Duck Nibs. Spend the day playing your pup’s favorite games such as fetch, tug of war or hide and seek. Check out this blog for some D.I.Y. games to play with your dog at home and check out this blog for some examples of brain games to play with your pup so they exercise their mind and their body.

5. Make ice cream or pup-sicles

four dogs waiting to eat

These Boston Terriers and friends (Zoeythebooger) like to celebrate by enjoying some yummy raw doggy ice cream made with Vital Essentials treats like Minnows. You can watch the video to see how it’s made here. You can also check out our D.I.Y. Doggy Pup-sicles blog post for detailed instructions to make your own delicious celebratory raw frozen treats for your pup and all their fur-iends. 

6. Take your dog to a dog park

2 dogs in a park

Beau and Raven (@beauandraven) love spending time outdoors at the park. Arrange a playdate with all of your dog’s favorite friends at the dog park and let them celebrate DOGust by playing and burning off energy. Your dog will get to socialize, play ball, seek out some new smells, exercise, and get some much-needed attention. 

7. Visit the VE RAW BAR

dogs excited to visit the VE Raw Bar with raw dog treats

Charlie (@Charliegoldthedoodle) loves going shopping for snacks with his pet parents. Bring your leashed pet along to your local Vital Essentials Retailer and let them choose their favorite snack from the VE RAW BAR. The VE RAW BAR has 12 different all-natural crunchy freeze-dried snacks to choose from, so your pup can pick their favorite flavor, like Duck Heads, Pig Snouts or Salmon Skins. Just be careful, as many pets love the RAW BAR so much that they’ve been known to steal treats and eat them inside the store!

For more ways to maximize the time you share with your pets, be sure to check out our growing collection of Blog posts. Enter your email below to sign up to receive exclusive savings on Vital Essentials Treats. Happy DOGust!