cat eating grain free food

If you’re like us, you’ve been hearing a lot about grain free pet diets and their perks and downfalls … but, what’s fact and what’s fiction? Dr. Richard Patton, an animal nutrition expert, has answers to your questions!

What Does Grain Free Mean in Cat Food?

For many pet food brands, grain free means that a food is free from traditional grains like wheat and corn. But, sometimes these “grain free” foods contain other kinds of carbohydrates like peas and sweet potatoes. So, while these foods are often called “grain free,” the veggies found in these foods are considered soluble carbohydrates which can be just as harmful as regular grains.

What is Grain Free Cat Food?

A true grain free cat food contains zero carbs, other than what’s naturally present in meat, and won’t contain any sugar or junk ingredients. Raw, natural diets are made up of ingredients that mirror what cats eat in the wild, including raw meat, organs and bones.

“What’s good about Vital Essentials is what’s not there.” – Dr. Patton

When you’re shopping for cat food, look for products made from pure protein sources (meat, organs, bones) with no artificial ingredients or rendered by-products.. Look for food that’s 100% USA sourced, made and packaged.

Why is Grain Free Food Good for Cats?

As Dr. Patton reminds us, cats are “obligate carnivores,” meaning they thrive on a meat-based diet free of carbohydrates like grains and vegetables. This carnivorous diet provides cats with an essential amino acid called taurine. While carbs like rice bran can “tie up” taurine and prevent cats from absorbing it, raw meat delivers pure taurine that cats can easily absorb.

If you’re wondering, dogs need taurine, too!

Apart from boosting taurine intake, low-starch, low-carbohydrate foods also help prevent obesity in cats. Plus, a low-starch diet encourages natural bacteria in the cat’s digestive system to create B vitamins which are essential to a cat’s nervous system, immune system and digestion.

What Kind of Grain Free Cat Food Should My Pet Eat?

We’re glad you asked, because it’s our mission to deliver balanced, complete nutrition for your feline friend. Check out some of our grain free raw cat food, treats and supplements:

  • Raw Food: Discover Freeze-Dried and Frozen Raw Cat Food with all the essential nutrients and protein your cat needs. Our food comes in different forms to satisfy even the pickiest eaters, including Mini Patties and Mini Nibs.
  • Raw Treats: Our treats are 100% raw and are free from harmful ingredients. Check out our Chicken Hearts — they’re sure to keep hungry cats full, healthy and entertained.
  • Raw Supplements: Our freeze-dried, grain free meal boost toppers come in beefchicken and turkey flavors and give cats that extra protein boost they need. Toppers are made from ingredients sourced in the USA, and use a perfect blend of meat, organs and bones.

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