Here at the Vital Essentials headquarters, every day is “take your dog to work day”, although it’s officially observed on Friday, June 21st this year. For those of you that might not always bring a furry friend to the office, we’ve compiled our best advice so you can make sure you and your dog have a great day at work!

Be Prepared

Start with a plan! Getting yourself out the door on time can already be a hassle, so make sure you’ve packed up everything your pup will need for the work day the night before. Some of our favorites are a leash and harness, Freeze-Dried Beef Liver Treats, dishes for food or water, spray cleaner, waste bags, and toys. Packing up a bag the night before will relieve the stress of organizing in the morning and remove the stresses of potentially forgetting something important.

You may also want to consider if there will be other dogs at the office and how yours will interact with them. Since you’ll be in a professional environment, be sure that your dog is able to remain on their best behavior while being introduced to others.

Set Yourself up for Success

Start the day by walking your dog in on a leash. Parking lots can be a dangerous and busy place, so ensure your dog is secured. Identify a location where you’ll be letting them use the bathroom throughout the day and bring them to the area to become aquatinted with the area.

Now it’s time to head to your desk! Help your dog get settled by showing them their boundaries and brining out some of the toys you packed. If your office requires you to have your pup gated, set it up right away and start making your pet feel at home. And be sure to remove any cords or chewing hazards out of their reach. Instead, bring a bully twist or moo stick from the RAW BAR for something healthy to chew on.

Move Around

Just like you don’t like to sit for too long, your pet wont either. If your office allows dogs to roam freely, consider letting well-trained and socialized dogs meet some new friends. If they prefer to have pets contained in a certain area, use any breaks that you may have to take your dog on a walk or to a nearby dog park. They’ll certainly enjoy a nap under your desk after running around or game of fetch.

Accidents Happen

Although we don’t want to think about it, accidents do happen. As we suggested earlier, pack pet cleaning spray to clean up any mishaps or messes. Also, be respectful of others space and make sure you ask permission before introducing your pup. Although your dogs tail may be wagging, some of you coworkers may not want to pet your dog due to allergies or other personal reasons.


Now you’re all set to enjoy the many benefits that come with bringing your dog to work! Let us know if our tips helped you to have a successful celebration of “Bring your dog to work day” this coming Friday.


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