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Has your pet tried both our soft and juicy Mini Patties AND our crunchy Mini Nibs? All month long you’ll have the opportunity to win $250 of Vital Essentials food just by feeding both of our delicious foods!

Here’s how. . .

That’s right! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to win a TON of Vital Essentials food and treats. If you’re new to feeding Vital Essentials Food, or just looking to try something different, here are some tips!

Freeze-Dried Foods

Mini Patties

These freeze-dried patties are a soft and juicy meal loved by both cats and dogs! You can serve them by simply breaking up the patty into your pets food dish, adding water, and mixing! Visit our website for a full list of proteins for both dogs and cats.

Mini Nibs

Our mini nibs serve as a great food for dogs that may be transitioning from kibble, or cats that just like a nice crunch! It doesn’t get simpler than our mini nibs, just scoop and serve into your pets food bowl!

New Proteins


This brand new (and unique) protein is great for those pups who may experience the occasional upset tummy or itchy skin. Salmon is a high-quality protein and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, which provides a number of health benefits in dogs and may aid in boosting the immune system, reducing joint inflammation, maintaining healthy skin and coat, and alleviating skin irritations or allergies. Our Mini Nibs are now available in this delicious protein!


We’ve added another new protein to the mix: Rabbit! Rabbit is an excellent source of B12, which helps your dog maintain their energy level. And, for those dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies caused by other proteins, this novel protein is commonly recommended by veterinarians to help with digestive issues or allergic reactions. Besides all the great health benefits, Rabbit is just simply delicious. We’re serving up this lean and mean protein in both our Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs and Mini Patties.

Are you ready to take the #TasteofVE challenge? Visit our contest page for the full rules for entry and to find a participating local retailer near you!