Christmas has come and gone, which means you’re starting to put all your new presents to use! If you were one of the millions of pet owners that purchased a gift for their pet, you may be looking for more ideas on how to make the most of these presents. Vital Essentials® treats are the perfect companion to all your new pet toys! We’ve listed a few ideas below, so you can incorporate your pet’s favorite Vital Treat™ into their new favorite present!

Furbo was one of the hottest pet technology items for Christmas! This interactive, treat-tossing, pet camera is a fun way to connect with your fur family while you’re out of the house. Any of our Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs are the perfect size and shape to dispense from your Furbo. Try tossing Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried beef mini nibs or Rabbit Bites to your pet while you’re away! As you can see, Navy the Corgi loves being treated while her parents are away! 

Sodapup makes another entertaining toy that you may have brought home for your dog! Some of our office favorites are the coffee cup or the cola can. The size of these toys is perfect for filling with our Freeze-Dried Nibblets, available in Beef or Chicken.

Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your pets busy and stimulate their brain! Many of our Freeze-Dried treats (like Duck Nibs, Salmon, or Beef Liver) will fit perfectly in the treat compartments and are guaranteed your dog will really want to find.

Let us know what kind of presents you’ve bought for your pets, and how you incorporate your favorite Vital Essentials treats. And don’t forget, use our store locator to find your local VE retailer!