By Ann Marie Sindt, owner, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, Asheville, NC

Hello once again from Asheville, North Carolina, a.k.a treat lover’s land! I am Jack, and this is Agnes, and we are here to get you excited about spring! It’s almost here, except if you are somewhere in the Midwest! But, whatever, we finally have sun in North Carolina!

Jack: So, Agnes, let’s talk about our favorite activities. What is your favorite thing to do other than lounge around and look gorgeous?

Agnes: Jack, are you calling me a diva? I already know that I am. And I’ll have you know, I love to be outside! I love the playground and a good romp around the neighborhood. There are so many fun things to pick up in the yard and on hikes. Sometimes they just get stuck in my fur and end up coming inside with me anyway. I think this is why usually I end up in a back pack.

Jack: Oh my. You are the epitome of a mess, Ags. But anyway, yes, I love the outdoors too. I frequently go on walkabouts and get lost in thought when I have some freedom. It is usually pierced by the screaming of my name and mom chasing after me. But I definitely have fun doing it.

Agnes: I always listen to mom and know when it’s time to get home. Jack, does not like to listen!

Jack: Let’s get right down to business. We always pack healthy, light and easy snacks for our journeys and adventures. You already know we love our duck heads and turkey necks. On small trips we pack our snack bags with mini patties, chicken hearts and minnows. Yummy! They are light, delicious and easily digestible when you need just a bit more energy.

Agnes: My favorite are the chicken and duck necks. I like to carry these so Mom and Dad have to stop and rest. Then I devour a neck. Divine (just like me).

Jack: We also take plenty of water, it is important to stay hydrated while exploring. It keeps us alert and ready for anything that might jump out at us.

Agnes: Jack, don’t you love what Mom does with the salmon skins? It is the best. She tears the salmon skins into pieces and sandwiches a minnow in between. Yummy fish heaven is what I say!

Jack: Stay tuned for our next article when summer is on its way! We can’t wait to introduce you to the newest line of VE treats. Until then, see you outside!