dog shaking for freeze dried beef nibs

Your pet instinctively craves a diet of whole meat, vital organs and bones, like those found in Vital Essentials®. Using only the most nutritious and delicious parts of the animal, Vital Essentials supports the overall health and wellness of all breeds and ages. You won’t find any added hormones, antibiotics, fillers, flavorings, artificial preservatives or coloring here! We’re gluten free, grain free and guilt free. Here are some benefits you can expect by switching to raw. 

More Energy

A balanced diet consisting of meat, fat, organs and vitamins helps your pet maintain an ideal weight, grow strong bones and develop firm muscle tone. A raw diet is low in carbohydrates and starches but high in protein which leads to increased energy levels. 

Healthy Skin and Coat

A diet high in carbohydrates and processed ingredients can lead to a smelly, flakey coat. A raw diet, such as Vital Essentials, promotes a healthy immune system which helps produce a smooth, shiny, odorless coat. The essential fatty acids found in a raw diet, including Omega-3 and Omega-6, have been shown to help control inflammation, reduce shedding and aid in the growth of thick, healthy fur. 

Dental Health

Starch found in commercial pet foods causes tartar buildup, dental disease and mouth infections. Poor dental hygiene can affect your pet’s heart, kidney and liver and may lead to other health issues. A raw diet can help improve your pet’s dental health naturally. The crunching of a raw diet helps remove tartar and plaque and stimulates gums which increases circulation and strengthens teeth. 

Allergy Relief

Consuming processed foods can lead to allergies which can show up as ear and eye infections, skin problems, yeast infections, gut challenges and more. Grain free, gluten free foods, such as Vital Essentials, offer a single protein source which reduces the risk of allergies developing.

Less Poop

Because a raw diet is easier to digest, your pet will keep more nutrients and create less waste. The stool of pets who are fed a raw diet have less odor and are smaller and firmer, leading to fewer eliminations overall. 

Happy, Healthy Pet 

Commercial pet food is high in sugar and carbohydrates which can prompt overeating and lead to obesity. A raw diet is better for overall health including good digestion. And your pet will like eating it! The texture, the taste, the satisfaction, it’s all very primal and exciting. The complete and balanced ingredients help produce a strong immune system leading to a healthier and happier pet. 

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