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It’s official: dog moms are real moms. Studies show that mothers’ brains light up in a similar way when they see their dogs as when they see their children, indicating genuine love, affection and nurturing care. So never feel guilty about referring to yourself as a dog mom of fur-kids — it’s true.

That’s why you are well within your rights to take a few minutes this Mother’s Day to celebrate the dog moms in your life (and don’t forget to “treat yourself,” too!).

Fun Activities for Dog Moms on Mother’s Day

For dedicated dog moms, the perfect Mother’s Day is spent with your four-legged furiend! Thankfully, there are many ways to celebrate the bond you two share.

1. Cuddle or Nap With Your Pup

It’s official: sleeping with your dog is good for you. It lowers your stress level, reduces your blood pressure, and makes you feel safe and warm. As a dog mom, we know you work hard every day to take care of your dog (and that Fido takes care of you, too). This Mother’s Day, indulge in a relaxing and well-deserved nap with your best furiend snoring at your side!

2. Play Puppy Games

The simplest way to spend time together with your fur-kid this Mother’s Day is to play a game you both love! Maybe there’s a canine sport like agility or dock diving that you do together, or a brain game that your pup enjoys puzzling through. Or, when it comes right down to it, you just can’t beat a good game of fetch!

3. Train a New Trick

The benefits of teaching your dog a new trick are endless! It’s fun for you, fun for Fido, and provides your dog with important mental enrichment. Plus, there’s nothing like that feeling of being a proud dog mom when it “clicks” and your pup starts performing like a pro! Try adding something cute and relatively easy to your dog’s trick repertoire this Mother’s Day, like Speak, Sit Pretty or Roll Over. 

4. Try New Treats

This Mother’s Day, treat the pup who made you a dog mom to something new and delicious. Look no further than Vital Essentials freeze-dried dog treats: From Minnows and Chicken Hearts to Beef Liver and Rabbit Bites, there’s something for every pup to gobble up!

Or, for a truly unforgettable experience, take your pup to your closest pet retail store featuring the VE RAW BAR and have them pick out a delectable delight from a unique selection of freeze-dried snacks. Let your dog go wild with something exotic and new, like a Duck Head, Turkey Neck or Pig Ear — all delicious and nutritious protein-rich snacks for the canine love of your life.

5. Enjoy the Outdoors

May is the ideal time to adventure: the weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming, and both you and Fido have that springtime feeling. Your dog is your #1 adventure buddy, so celebrate this Mother’s Day by exploring the great outdoors! Visit a dog-friendly park, go on a nature hike, or simply stop and smell the flowers — together.

6. Arrange a Doggy Playdate with Other Dog Moms

Sometimes, it may feel like no one understands the level of love and affection you feel for your precious pup. So, there’s no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by getting together with your fellow dog moms who won’t judge! Plus, your pups can play together while you all bond over your shared love of trouble canine obsession.

7. Have a Dinner Date

Sadly, your dog can’t exactly cook you dinner for Mother’s Day…but they’re more than happy to EAT it with you! While you don’t want to drastically deviate from your dog’s diet, you can turn their regular meal into a fantastic feast with the addition of a moist topper or a sprinkling of treats. So pull up a chair and let your pup join you at the dinner table, just this once!

8. Watch Dog-Themed Movies Together

Large or small, we know all pups are lapdogs at heart! If curling up on the sofa is more your speed, choose a canine-centered cinematic masterpiece and invite Fido to join you for a Mother’s Day any dog mom will love. How about yet another rewatch of Homeward Bound? (And yes, we know you’ll cry at the end — don’t try to deny it!)

9. Arrange a Photoshoot

There’s no better time than Mother’s Day to capture the bond you share with your fur-baby! If you’ve always considered hiring a professional photographer for a photoshoot with your best furiend, May flowers make for the pawfect backdrop. 

10. Make Canine Crafts Together

Finally, save the memory of this Mother’s Day by crafting a uniquely pawfect masterpiece! There are many crafts you can make with your dog, from “fingerpainting” to salt dough ornaments, that preserve your pup’s pawprint for posterity. As you’re indulging your crafty side, don’t worry about impressing anyone with the finished product — dogs are very gracious art critics!

Best Gifts for Dog Moms

When it comes to gifts for dog moms, the most appreciated presents tend to do one of three things: Enhance Fido’s health and happiness, give Mom something special to remember their fur-baby by in the years to come, or simply rep that dog mom pride!

Remember to personalize your gifts for dog moms wherever possible, so you can keep the focus where it ought to be: on their unique, loyal and lovable pup.

1. Canine-Themed Clothes

The ideal clothes for any dog mom will be three things: comfy, cute and canine! That makes any dog mom t-shirt, sweatshirt or pajamas the pawfect gift choice. (Bonus points if you can get it customized with their pup’s name and/or furry face!)

2. Canine-Themed Jewelry & Accessories

No dog mom outfit is complete without the following fashionable touches: a dog-themed accessory, an awkward grass stain, and a sprinkling of dog hair!

The sky’s the limit when it comes to canine-themed jewelry. From breed-specific necklaces to personalized pawprint pendants or rings, the possibilities are endless for gifting your favorite dog mom a little bling. But if you’d prefer to accessorize another way, there’s also no shortage of “Dog Mom” hats, fanny packs, purses and tote bags!

3. Doggy Decorations

There are few things dog moms love more than repping that #DogMomLife! Gift the dog moms you love some canine swag with a “Dog Mom” ornament, photo frame, mug, wine glass, tumbler, car decal or phone case.

And of course, what could be a better gift for dog moms than a tribute to the spoiled fur-kids themselves? There are many talented artists out there selling custom portraits, watercolor images or “cartoonized” pictures that truly capture the spirit and personality of our four-legged friends!

4. Other Dog Items

Anything that improves a dog’s life (or fits their fashion sense) is sure to be a hit with the dog moms you know! For example, a cute carry bag for all Fido’s things would be an excellent dog mom gift. You could even pre-fill it with useful dog items, such as a portable water bottle + bowl for those hot days at the dog park. And of course, a fancy new collar or bandana is always a welcome addition to Fido’s closet. 

If the dog mom you know is a photography fiend, you could even buy a squeaky dog toy that clips onto a smartphone. The squeak will draw any dog’s attention to capture that perfect puppy photo!

5. Canine Gift Cards or Subscriptions

The best gifts for dog moms feed their canine obsession! Treat the dog moms in your life to a coupon or gift card to their local independent pet store. Or, you could go ahead and buy them a basket of their dog’s favorite goodies (and remind them to “subscribe & save” for the best deal!).

Another thoughtful option is to buy your dog mom friend a subscription to quality canine content. That can mean a monthly delivery box, a dog enthusiast magazine or their favorite dog-themed creative project!

Famous Dog Mom Quotes

Finally, we want to celebrate Mother’s Day by acknowledging that many accomplished women have also been devoted dog moms — and have wise words about loving the faithful Fido in your life!

  1. “My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.” — Elayne Boosler
  2. “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.” — Gilda Radner
  3. “You know, a dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that you’re in faster than you can think of.” — Jill Abramson
  4. “I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source.” — Doris Day
  5. “Before you get a dog, you can’t quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterward, you can’t imagine living any other way.” — Caroline Knapp
  6. “It’s hard not to immediately fall in love with a dog who has a good sense of humor.” — Kate DiCamillo
  7. “Over the years I have felt the truest, purest love — the love of God, really, I imagine that’s what God’s love feels like — is the love that comes from your dog.” — Oprah Winfrey
  8. “I love my pets so if they are happy, I am happy…I have treated all my dogs like my kids. To me, they’re just kids I didn’t birth.” — Kristen Bell
  9. “There also is such profoundness in just connectivity and energy and altruism that we have with our animals. Especially rescue animals. And they give it back. And there is some level of symbiotic gratitude, because you do save each other, and that is important.” — Drew Barrymore
  10. “A dog, a nice one that is — will give you a look of gratitude, close her eyes in reverie, breathe long and hard and deep to show you she is taking all that good feeling inside, storing it up for later, dog dreams still yet to be dreamt, magnificent fields full of balls and you and her alone but for the squirrels in the trees.” — Margaret Cho


The verdict is in: dog moms are mothers, too. Although, it’s not like you needed us to tell you that — if you’re lucky enough to have a canine fur-kid in your life, you already know Fido is your BFF (Best Furiend Furever). 

Whether you’re a devoted dog mom or eccentric dog aunt, we hope you and your whole fur-family have a very happy Mother’s Day!

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