Valentine’s day for dogs

Valentine’s Day is the most love-filled day of the year, when you show your significant other or your best friends (Galentine’s Day, anyone?) just how special they are to you.

But as anyone who’s ever felt the adoration of a dog or cat knows, sometimes your true sweetheart — the one who has always been there for you, through ups and downs, blind dates and heartaches, the good times and the bad — has four fluffy paws and offers unconditional love

This Valentine’s Day, gaze deeply into your pet’s eyes and say “I love you,” with your whole heart. And then, choose one of these fun and easy Valentine’s Day ideas to show your cat or dog Valentine’s Day is about them, too!

1. Have a Heart With Chicken Heart Treats 

Show your kitty or pup that they’ve stolen your heart by treating them to delicious Freeze-Dried Chicken Heart Treats this Valentine’s Day!

If Chicken Hearts aren’t one of your fur-baby’s favorites already, then it’s time to try something new. A real, raw Chicken Heart makes for a healthy single ingredient snack, bursting with protein and healthy nutrients like taurine, and most importantly — in your pet’s eyes, anyway — they’re just delicious!

Remember that when it comes to Valentine’s Day treats, your fuzzy friend should stay far away from chocolate and candy. Chocolate, artificial sweeteners like xylitol, and some nuts are toxic to pets (a belly full of foil wrappers isn’t great for them, either).

Stick to the Chicken Hearts instead!

2. Teach Your Pet to Show You Love

Pets love learning new things, and it’s good for them, too. Whenever you teach your pal a trick, his brain is fully engaged, puzzling out exactly what the strange human wants now. It’s also good for your relationship to tackle a fun challenge together.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to teach your pet an adorable new trick that spreads the love. Try teaching your dog to give you a hug or slobbery kisses on command, or even coaxing your kitty into giving you a high five.

Don’t forget: the right treats make all the difference in keeping your best furiend motivated to learn!

3. Buy a Cute New Toy For Your Sweetheart

The traditional Valentine’s Day gift is a cuddly teddy bear — and that may be exactly what your best bud wants! This Valentine’s Day, show your cat or dog you love them with a fun new toy. Perhaps your pup would love a heart-shaped squeaker, or your kitty would enjoy a “Tunnel of Love.”

You can even make it a day trip by taking your best furiend with you to your local independent pet boutique. That way, you can let Fido pick out his own Valentine’s Day present and support the Shop Local movement!

4. Build an Epic Cardboard Fort

Any day is the right day to build your pet a DIY masterpiece — and remember, your best furiend’s definition of “masterpiece” is very forgiving! With only a few empty boxes and a cardboard cutter, you can create a DIY structure in mere minutes that your pet will absolutely adore (and possibly destroy in minutes, as well). 

This Valentine’s Day, why not draw a few hearts on your DIY pet fort and make it a real “Castle of Love”? (Or “Love Shack”? “Love Nest”? “Kitty’s Cupid Corner”?)

Anyway…they may not fully appreciate your naming efforts, but your pal will still be thrilled with the chance to jump over, hide in, climb on or gleefully destroy your cardboard creation!

5. Pamper Your Pet With a Spa Day

Valentine’s Day is the purrfect excuse to pamper your pet! 

It’s up to you if you want to have a full grooming session at home or take your pet to the groomers’ for a professional cut-and-dry. Or, perhaps it’s time to give your dog a luxurious bubble bath! (Although we don’t recommend this option for cats, to be perfectly honest).

To truly spoil your pet this Valentine’s Day, treat your best furiend to a relaxing massage. You can either be your pet’s masseuse yourself, or entrust them to the capable hands of a pet massage professional for a relaxing and heavenly experience!

6. Have a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot With Your Furry Date

Once your pet is pampered and brushed and looking their best, it’s the perfect time to snap a few cute shots of the two of you together!

Why not have a fun Valentine’s Day photoshoot with your kitty or pup? It gives you an excuse to get all dolled up, and you’ll come away with some adorable pictures that capture your bond with your fur-baby and give you something to smile at in the years to come. 

It’s up to you if you want to go all-out with a professional photoshoot, but all you really need is yourself, your precious pet, and a phone or camera! (And maybe a selfie stick).

7. Enjoy a Valentines Dinner with Your Pet

This year, arrange a classic Valentine’s Day date with the true love of your life! That’s right: offer your furriest and most faithful companion their own seat at the dinner table

It’s up to you if you want to make this date a full black-tie affair, or something more casual. Just remember that instead of sharing your meal with your kitty or pup (which has health risks for your pet), serve them their own tasty turkey dinner or delectable pork feast instead! For the full Valentine’s Day effect, you could even imbibe together with dog-friendly beer or cat-friendly wine.

So, go ahead — break out the fancy plates!

8. Host a Valentine’s Day Movie Night

Curling up on the sofa with blankets, ice cream and a sappy romantic movie, by yourself: peaceful, relaxing, perhaps a little lonely.

Curling up on the sofa with blankets, ice cream and a sappy romantic movie, with a purring kitty or sleeping puppy in your lap: pure perfection!

This year, settle down for a classic Valentine’s Day movie night alongside your true sweetheart. While Fido and Whiskers may not fully appreciate the heart-wrenching twist at the end of The Notebook or know why you’re sniffling, they’ll still be there for you with confused yet sincere emotional support!

9. Indulge in a New Cuddly Bed For Your Bud

Dogs sleep for roughly 12 hours a day, while cats spend an average of 15 hours per day snoozing!

With that in mind, one great way to show love to your kitty or pup this Valentine’s Day is to get them a cozy new bed, so they can drift off to dreamland in absolute comfort. If your handsome man or golden gal is getting up there in years, you may even want to consider an orthopedic pet bed to cushion those aging joints. 

Regardless, no kitty or pup would complain about another warm place to curl up after a long day of being so gosh darn adorable!

10. Share Snuggles & Sweet Dreams

Finally, what could be a better Valentine’s Day than cuddling up with your most faithful and furriest friend? Fall asleep with puppy snuggles or a purring kitty for a relaxing Valentine’s Day you’ll both love!

That catnap is good for you, too. Studies show that cuddling with your pet releases oxytocin in your brain, a chemical appropriately known as the “love hormone.” It’s what gives you that warm feeling when you hug someone, making you feel more affectionate, relaxed and safe. Oxytocin also decreases your stress level, slows your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. 

That means snuggling with your pet is good for your heart, in every sense of the word!


There are many ways to have the purrfect Valentine’s Day for dogs or cats — from new toys to new tricks to new heart-healthy treats. But what matters most is that you and your best furiend spend this time together.