Person holding a black and white cat on their lap.

June is National Adopt A Cat Month so if you’ve been thinking of bringing a new bundle of joy into your life, now might be a great chance! Here are a few tips to consider before heading to the shelter to pick out your new best fur-iend.  

Orange and white adult cat laying on bed.


1. Consider an older cat. Although kittens are cute and cuddly, they’re a lot of work and also have a greater likelihood of being adopted than an older cat. An adult cat has likely lived in a home and may already understand concepts like litter training or appropriate places to scratch.


Black kitten with a paw on the bars of a kennel.

2. Look past appearance. Many people choose to adopt a cat based solely on how the cat looks. According to Petfinder, shelter animals with black fur are the least likely to be adopted, however Petfinder also reports that black cats may be healthier than colorful cats due to a high content of melanin which helps them to resist infections. Plus, by adopting a cat that may have a harder time finding a home, you’ll feel rewarded knowing you gave your kitty a second chance. 


Orange cat hiding its head.


3. Understand fear behaviors. Although some cats are able to quickly adjust to being in a shelter, for others, the experience is terrifying. Understand that the behaviors cats exhibit at the shelter may be very different from the behaviors they exhibit at home. Cats that are fearful at the shelter still deserve to have a chance at a happy life. Visit your local shelter multiple times to gain the trust of the more fearful kittys. 


Two brown/gray tabby cats laying on top of a red blanket on a bed with blue plaid sheets.


4. Consider adopting multiple cats. Although most cats love human companionship, there is nothing like the companionship of another cat. By adopting two cats your new pets will feel safe and secure and won’t require quite as much attention from you because they’ll have a friend.


Orange cat laying in a white cat bed.


5. Prepare in advance.  Purchase all the supplies you need before you bring your new best fur-iend home and set up a special room for your kitty with a bed, litter box, Vital Cat Food, water, toys and Vital Cat Treats, to help them get acclimated to their new home. You should also schedule a veterinary checkup within the first few weeks of adoption to ensure the health of your new pet. 


A calico cat resting its head in a person's hand.


6. Spend time bonding. Your new shelter cat will require a lot of patience as he or she learns to adjust to a new home. Make sure you take some time each day to sit and bond with your cat, and use a yummy high-value reward like freeze-dried Minnows to encourage your cat to bond with you. Your cat may love the minnows so much that you’ll need the family-size bag


If you take the time and patience to help your new cat adjust to your home you will be rewarded with a best fur-iend for years to come. To learn more pet care tips and tricks, check out our other Blog Posts, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit the Vital Essentials Website and enter your email to receive exclusive offers.