When it comes to snack time, you wouldn’t feed your child just any snack, would you?  You’d look for something your child enjoys and that’s nutritious.

So, why shouldn’t your fur baby get the best too?  Instead of getting just any old snack, pick ones that are healthy, tasty, fun, provide mental stimulation and are loved by other pups across the nation.

Many treats and snacks are not made with high quality ingredients or are processed in a way that does not preserve nutritional value.  If fact, many contain fillers, preservatives, carbohydrates or empty calories that can negatively affect your pet’s health.

Next time you’re at your local pet store, look for treats that are all-natural and minimally processed.  Freeze-dried snacks, like those found on the VE RAW BAR, have higher nutritional value compared to those that use high heat, which essentially cooks the snack, sacrificing almost half of the product’s nutrients.

freeze dried duck heads are a safe dog chew


With the help of our dog taste testers (and their pet parents, of course), we have the Top 3 Freeze-Dried Snacks your pet will go crazy for!

1.  Duck Heads

freeze dried duck head are the perfect Freeze Dried Snacks for dogs

Yup.  You heard that right.

The Freeze-Dried Duck Head is by far the most popular snack on the VE RAW BAR.   It’s a crunchy, nutritious dog snack that makes use of the whole animal.  Dogs love the taste of duck heads.  The bones act as a natural toothbrush, cleaning the back teeth.  Plus, this snack is a great source of calcium and phosphorus.  Once you get past the icky factor, this is a really good dog snack.

2.  Pig Ears

freeze dried pig ears

Freeze-drying makes all the difference when it comes to the VE RAW BAR Pig Ears.  Unlike other pig ears, this snack doesn’t need artificial flavor enhancers that can leave a greasy film or coating on the pig ear which can cause and upset tummy.  The 48-hour freeze-drying process removes moisture without cooking the product and locking in vital nutrients.  This means the natural aromas are left intact for your pet’s sensory pleasure.

This is a great option for the aggressive chewer in your house.  And, you won’t find another pig ear that is made with Vital Essentials high quality standards to ensure safety for your pet and family.


3.  Bully Twists

Freeze Dried Bully Twists

Your dog will go bonkers over freeze-dried Bully Twists!  They are low in carbs which promotes a healthy gut and are easily digestible.  Dogs love the strong flavor and taste.  Naturally grain free and 100% protein.  Bully Twists are a healthy, long lasting chew that promotes healthy gum and teeth.  Because these Freeze-Dried Bully Twists are not cooked, they are slightly softer and thicker…a worry-free chew for pet parents who have dogs with more dental issues.


There’s plenty more where these came from, too!  There are 12 freeze-dried snacks and chews available in the VE RAW BAR – Chicken Necks, Duck Necks, Turkey Necks, Bully Sticks, Bully Twists, Duck Hearts, Duck Heads, Salmon Skins, Moo Sticks, Pig Snouts and Pig Ears.  Check out the VE RAW BAR at a local pet store near you.