Dogs love eating freeze-dried minnows.

Whether you’re welcoming a new best furiend into your home or simply rewarding your trusty pal, an often overlooked meat to feed your dog or cat is fish. Fish is the perfect protein source to add to your pet’s diet, thanks to all the good stuff in it; good stuff like immune-boosting amino acids and Omega 3s, which have many positive effects on our pet’s health and wellness. Both dogs and cats will benefit from a diet or supplements with fish oil, so Vital Essentials has created a variety of ways to incorporate fish into your fur-iends diet. 

Top fish picks for dogs: 

Fish dinners for dogs

For dogs that experience food allergies and intolerances to more common protein sources such as beef and chicken, a diet with the main protein source of fish is often recommended. The fish oils found in salmon can boost your pet’s immune system and contribute to a shiny coat. Vital Essentials complete and balanced raw freeze-dried dinners for dogs are available in Salmon Mini Nibs. The Mini Nibs make a great addition to traditional kibble. Mini Nibs can be mixed in to traditional kibble as is for added nutrition. Any way you use them, you can’t go wrong when it comes to a fishy feast for your furiend. 

Fish treats for dogs

All Vital Essentials treats are made with whole meats and vital organs boasting the smallest ingredient panel. Wild Alaskan Salmon Dog Treats come in a bite size morsel, excellent for using as a high-value training treat. The snack size treats are great for treating your dog between meals or to add as an after-dinner dessert. We also can’t forget about Freeze-Dried Minnows for Dogs, which are one of our best sellers – just check out #minnowmonday on Instagram. Dogs love the whole minnow treats so much, they even come in a Family Size Package

Top fish picks for cats: 

Fish treats for cats

When it comes to your feline’s favorite fishy flavors, everyone knows Ahi Tuna is a cat’s favorite flavor. The crunchy tuna bites not only work great as a supplement or meal enhancer, but the texture also works to help clean your kitty’s teeth. Wild Alaskan Salmon Cat Treats also have that crunchy texture, and both Tuna and Salmon contain the beneficial fish oils that will help promote a soft, silky coat. Minnows are one of the most popular among feline families because the unique whole fish are primal and exotic to cats who just can’t get enough of the fishy delicacies. Your kitty will love them so much, you may need to buy the bigger bag

VE RAW BAR for dogs and cats

VE RAW BAR is a pick-and-go display of treats for dogs and cats. The VE RAW BAR snacks are a larger size than the bite size treats, making them a little more challenging for pets to scarf down. Dogs and cats have to chew Salmon Skins apart, and the fishy fragrance is their very favorite! Some pets love the smell so much, they try to roll in it! Your pet will be getting the health benefits of the fish skins, along with the irresistible taste and texture that will be their of-fish-ial favorite!

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