Treat (noun): An event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

We typically think of treats as sugary or savory morsels to indulge in, but what does a treat mean for our pets? Treats for our fur-family should (and can) be nutritious, and when fed correctly, act as both a source of nourishment and a tasty reward!

Healthy treats are an extension of your pets main diet, so consider the following the next time you’re picking up treats for your pets!

Ingredients: Look for single sourced (great for pets with sensitivities and allergies) and protein packed ingredients; this type of treat will provide your pet with the most nutrients. Ignore any treats that rely on corn, wheat, or soy, as these grains are often used as fillers, taking the place of healthier energy sources, like whole meats. Also, avoid any artificial sweeteners (corn syrup or sugar) as these can increase the risk of pet obesity and diabetes.

Made in the USA: You care about where your food comes from, so make sure you do the same research for your pet! What you feed your dog or cat directly impacts their health and happiness for a lifetime! Get to know the brand you’re buying, and use resources, like The Dog Digest.

Health Benefits: Remember, you’re supporting your pets overall health and vitality, so choose a treat that is nutrient dense. Each nutrient has a purpose; without adequate nutrition, your pet would not be able to maintain muscle tone, perform normal daily activities with ease, or even fight-off infection. Some additional health benefits of a raw diet include less poo to pick up, increased longevity, weight loss (from overweight to healthy weight) and overall improvement of health, resulting in less vet bills.

ConvenienceGrab-and-go bags are very practical, and ideal for training and traveling. Look for treats that are shelf-stable and in resealable packages to ensure that you’ll be able to feed all the treats without worrying about the contents going stale.

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