dog and owners health and safety

VE RAW BAR freeze-dried snacks and chews, available only to independent neighborhood pet stores, bring peace of mind to store owners and pet parents alike.  Here are some ways Vital Essentials® has assured the quality and safety of its VE RAW BAR freeze-dried snacks for pet parents and their furry family members.

Custom Sourcing Program

Vital Essentials responsibly sources its raw materials from USA suppliers. The company conducts regular site inspections of its suppliers and requires letters of guarantee and animal welfare audits to ensure the ingredients that go into its products are of the highest quality standards. “It’s impossible to improve the quality of the ingredients once they’ve gone into the manufacturing process,” states Vital Essentials Quality Assurance Director, Jason Goddard. “One can only maintain the quality, from the very beginning of the supply chain…and we are committed to ensuring that the highest quality is maintained in all that we do. This includes all items in the VE RAW BAR.”

Small Batches Made in the USA

VE RAW BAR products are freeze-dried and packaged in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and custom-made in smaller batch sizes, which means snacks and chews are the freshest possible when they are distributed to the store.  The freeze-drying process used to make VE RAW BAR snacks and chews locks in the vital nutrients, while removing up to 99% of the moisture. This ensures only the most valuable minerals and vitamins are retained in the product. 

freeze dried raw snacks and treats for dogs and catsIndustry Leading Food Safety Systems 

Vital Essentials is unwavering in our commitment to providing safe, nutritious and delicious pet food products for your family. This commitment is evident by our robust food safety system, along with significant investments in the implementation of process and controls designed to prevent or eliminate food safety hazards. “Similar to human food production facilities, we have control points and programs in place throughout the entire process to prevent or eliminate product contamination,” says Goddard. These processes and controls are validated and verified on a regular basis, both internally and by independent 3rd party FDA approved institutions to ensure their ongoing effectiveness, providing an unparalleled degree of confidence in our ability to provide safe pet food products, as well as complying with the FDA’s “zero tolerance” guidelines. 


VE RAW BAR Branded Merchandise Display Unit Instills Confidence in Retailers and Consumers

VE RAW BAR products are clearly identifiable, as they are distributed to independent pet stores in gas flushed, heat-sealed and tamper evident master bags. The bags are identified by barcode, lot number and date code for ease of inventory management and traceability. Retailers may open bags, as needed, to refill VE RAW BAR merchandise displays. The displays include nutritional facts and feeding guidelines, so that pet parents are well informed about the snacks they’re feeding at home.