Vital Essentials award-winning VE RAW BAR Freeze-Dried Snacks are getting even better. We’re adding value to our snacks that we know pet parents like you will LOVE and APPRECIATE. Watch the video to see VE RAW BAR get WRAPPED! 

VE RAW BAR Freeze-Dried Snacks continue to be among the fastest trending snacks in the freeze-dried category. These freeze-dried goodies have been enjoyed by dogs and cats across North America and VE RAW BAR even has a sub-category all to itself. Despite this great success, we continue to challenge ourselves to take this innovative and unique snack to the next level. 

Shrink Wrapped Raw Pet Treats

VE RAW BAR is a collection of raw freeze-dried snacks for dogs and catsBeginning this month, we’re enhancing the VE RAW BAR experience by shrink wrapping VE RAW BAR items with a convenient “easy-open” pull strip to remove the outer wrap prior to serving. This will add a layer of freshness and convenience to the popular snacks for dogs and cats. It will also provide safe, sanitary handling of the treats. At this time, only two snacks—Chicken Necks and Duck Hearts—will remain unwrapped. 

Make your shopping experience even more special with wrapped VE Raw Bar Snacks! Stop in at your local pet store and pick out your dog or cat’s favorite freeze-dried chews that also have health benefits ranging from dental health to mental stimulation! The snacks are a popular source of protein for pets with exotic selections like Freeze-Dried Duck Heads, Salmon Skins, Pig Snouts and Turkey Necks

The newly wrapped products have started to make their debut in independent pet stores across the US. Click here to find a VE RAW BAR retailer near you.