Vital Cat™ Frozen Raw Cat Food is now available in resealable 14 oz freezer-safe containers, which maintains the quality and freshness of the food.  The Vital Cat line of frozen and freeze-dried cat food provides the ultimate limited ingredient, all-natural diet for the domestic feline carnivore.  Made with only whole meat, bone and organs, Vital Cat complete and balanced raw diets can be fed to cats of all life stages.

Vital Cat Frozen Raw Cat Food Alpha Prey Model Diet, cat raw food, raw diet cats“We all know how sensitive cats are to the aroma and palatability of their food.  This new packaging ensures cats get a tasty meal with each and every serving,” commented Melissa Olson, Marketing Director.  “There are four great recipes to satisfy even the pickiest feline in your home – Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit or Duck.  All of the meat and poultry we use is responsibly sourced to ensure we start with the best quality ingredients possible and maintain that quality throughout the manufacturing process.”

Frozen, Raw, and Limited Ingredient Cat Food

Cats are healthiest and happiest on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.  “We have created a food that caters to the obligate carnivore. There are no artificial ingredients, no fillers, no grains and no by-products.  There are very few cat food options you’ll find on the market with an ingredient panel that compares with ours,” stated Olson.

Discerning cat parents can find the newest Vital Cat frozen raw food exclusively at their local independent pet stores.