GREEN BAY, WI (August 30th, 2016) – Vital Essentials® (VE™) recently unveiled its expanded Vital Cat line at Super Zoo in Las Vegas, NV early August. The world’s most comprehensive line of Frozen and Freeze–Dried Entrées and Freeze-Dried Treats offers cat parents the largest variety of choices of any raw cat food brand today!

Along with the collaborative efforts of more than 50 feline health and nutrition experts, retailers, distribution partners and cat enthusiasts nationwide, Vital Essentials has created a raw cat food and treat line, unlike any other. Consistent with their philosophy, Vital Cat selections are “Purely RAW” – made with only fresh, whole, single sourced USDA animal protein and is Grain Free, Gluten Free, and Guilt Free.

Vital Essentials’ Vital Cat Entrées are comprised of frozen and freeze-dried offerings in four single sourced USDA animal proteins – Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Rabbit. These newly available entrées will complement VE’s popular 8-sku line of Vital Cat Treats. Never before has a raw pet food brand offered a full line, specifically for cats, which includes three convenient frozen size options, one for every cat family, including an 8 oz. chub, 2 lb. portioned mini patties and a 3.5 lb. family size. Freeze-dried options include 12 oz. mini nibs and 10.5 oz. mini patties (18/pkg.) In all, Vital Essentials Vital Cat line will have 32 selections readily available for cat parents worldwide, beginning in late September. 

The creation of Vital Cat Entrées was inspired by the success and popularity of Vital Cat Treats. Cat parents, retailers and distributor partners alike, were clamoring for a food line to accompany VE’s Vital Cat Treats. Lanny Viegut, Vital Essentials Owner and CEO says, “The creation of Vital Cat Entrées, at its root, is really in support of our mission to deliver world class “prey-model” raw pet food and treats to any pet parent who wants us or needs us, anywhere in the world. This enables us to fulfill and extend our promise to cat parents all across the globe.”

In support of their launch in late September, Vital Essentials will offer every pet parent the opportunity for a free trial of any two of their 8 oz. Chicken, Turkey or Duck flavors. Retailer support includes a freeze-dried sample program, an extended period ISO opportunity and Vital Cat branded wooden display racks to appropriately merchandise 20 freeze-dried selections.

Vital Cat™ Complete & Balanced Meals

Vital Essentials recognizes that cats are obligate carnivores and instinctively crave food made of real, wholesome, healthy meats. Vital Cat Entrées offer complete RAW, Alpha-Prey meals with essential nutrients that cats instinctively crave.

Frozen and Freeze-Dried Vital Cat Entrées are “Purely RAW” – made with only fresh, whole, single sourced USDA animal protein and is Grain Free, Gluten Free, and Guilt Free.

About Vital Essentials®

Vital Essentials, maker of the ALPHA Prey-Model Diet, is the most tenured RAW pet food producer in the nation, providing RAW pet nutrition since 1968. The family owned company located in Green Bay, WI, manufactures premium RAW frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks and treats. Sourced, made and packaged in the USA, every Vital Essentials product stands up to the same promise – Purely RAW, Instinctively Healthy.

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