Green Bay WI (October 19, 2018) – Vital Essentials® and innovationSupply™ Inc. have teamed up to ensure brand integrity using a custom-built Genuine Product Authentication System, which will go into effect on October 28, 2018 in Mainland China.

The system starts with a complex logarithm, which is impossible to copy, that logarithm generates a unique random number which is then converted into a QR code printed on an Authentication Label. This QR code can be scanned using any smart phone or similar device. The same numerical data is hidden beneath a scratch-off portion of the Authentication Label that can be validated at, using the “Verify My Product” button near the top of the page. Each code can only be used once to verify that each Vital Essentials® product is genuine and authentic and cannot be copied.

This Genuine Product Authentication System can also be used to verify resellers in Mainland China. Resellers change occasionally and consumers can scan the Authorized Reseller Certificate or simply enter the number found on their certificate into the innovationSupply website to verify that the reseller is in good standing and meets the strict quality requirements of product handling that you deserve as the consumer. Please ask your reseller to show you their Authorized Reseller Certificate today!

“Since we agreed to be the Vital Essentials Exclusive Master Distributor in May 1, 2018, we have been working hand-in-hand with Vital Essentials top management to increase awareness of the Vital Essentials Alpha-Prey Model Diet and build customer confidence that their unique products are true and genuine,” said Ralph Ramirez, CEO of innovationSupply. “Our customers have come to love these unique products and we are doing everything possible to give them confidence that each and every product they purchase is authentic and genuine.” This Genuine Product Authentication System is a big step forward in bringing accountability to the supply chain that can be verified by the customers who purchase and love Vital Essentials products.

“The real problem that we face in China is consumer trust”, stated Kevin Malnor, VP of Vital Essentials. “This system will help fight against copy-cat products that are not held accountable to the strict quality standards of the USA. When customers purchase Vital Essentials products with this seal and one-time use activation number, they can be assured that their product is a genuine Vital Essentials product held to quality standards that unparalleled by any other company, product or brand.”

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