• Festival Foods has begun carrying Vital Essentials Hemp Dog Chews 
  • Vital Essentials Hemp Chews contain freeze-dried beef infused with custom spectrum hemp oil
  • Hemp Chews come in three condition-specific formulations for dogs including RELIEF, REVIVE and RELAX

Green Bay, WI (JUNE 29, 2020) –  Vital Essentials is proud to announce their Freeze-Dried Hemp Dog Chews have hit the shelves at Festival Foods across Wisconsin. 

VE Hemp Chews Available at Festival Foods

Green Bay-based Vital Essentials specializes in raw freeze-dried and frozen pet foods but Hemp Chews take that a step further by using 100% USA beef and infusing it with custom spectrum hemp oil. 

“Each chew contains a terpene specific blend so your dog gets the most effective support,” says Melissa Olson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vital Essentials.

Each Vital Essentials Hemp Chew contains 2 mg of hemp oil and each package contains 120 mg of hemp oil. Freeze-Dried Hemp Chews are available in three condition-specific formulations including RELIEF, REVIVE and RELAX. 

RELIEF Hemp Chews are made for dogs that experience pain and inflammation and may help improve mobility. REVIVE Hemp Dog Chews are formulated to help regulate focus, energy and enhance stamina. RELAX Hemp Chews formula may help relieve nervousness, stress, anxiety and support calmness in dogs.

“Vital Essentials Hemp Chews are a natural solution for many of the challenges dogs face including pain and anxiety,” Olson says. “Best of all, you can now pick up a bag of Hemp Chews while shopping at your local Festival Foods grocery store.” 

RELIEF, REVIVE and RELAX Hemp Chews are now available at Festival Foods across Wisconsin and at select pet food retailers across the United States. Retailers can be found using the online store locator at Follow Vital Essentials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to learn more.