You’ve probably heard about Hemp Oil which can be used for chronic pain relief, stress management, and has a variety of other health benefits. But have you considered using it on your dog? The same natural remedy that is becoming popular among people is great for your pet, too.

That’s why we’ve created Vital Essentials Hemp Chews which come in three formulas: Relax, Revive and Relief. These chews provide condition-specific symptom relief and health benefits to dogs, which separates this product from any other hemp or CBD dog treats currently on the market. While other formulas of dog treats using Hemp Oil and CBD promote themselves as a general cure-all, Vital Essentials Hemp Chews were created with industry experts to develop custom formulas that target some of the most common issues dog parents experience.

To help us share the story of our hemp oil chews, we have three of our Vital Essentials brand ambassadors featured on our packaging. Charlie (Relax), Keira (Revive) and Navy (Relief) represent these three common issues and how Hemp Oil chews can provide symptom management. 

Relax: Hemp Dog Chews for Stress and Anxiety

RELAX hemp chews for dogs

Relax is specifically formulated to help aid in calming your dog for those times when they may be most anxious or nervous. If your pet becomes stressed while alone in their crate, during fireworks or storms, or even in the car, Relax Hemp Chews are a great way to keep them calm. Developed with these common issues in mind, our Relax Chews contain a custom terpene profile, containing Myrcene, Humelene and Bisabolo.

Featured on our packaging is @charliegoldthedoodle, a 2 year old Goldendoodle from Atlanta. Relax Hemp Oil Chews help Charlie remain calm in stressful situations, like during his volunteering as a therapy dog or during his MRI Research.

Revive: Hemp Dog Chews for Energy and Stamina

REVIVE hemp dog chews

 Whether your dog is a puppy that needs some extra “pep,” or a senior dog that is slowing down, Revive Hemp Chews can help increase energy and stamina. The custom terpene profile in Revive is specifically formulated to help aid in boosting energy for every “wanna go for a walk” moment. This chew features a custom terpene profile, containing Pinene, Humulene and Caryophyllene.

Featured on our packaging is @theadventuresofkeira, a border collie Australian shepherd mix from Washington. Keira loves being active outdoors and in agility, trick and disk training. Revive Hemp Oil Chews support Keira’s constant activity as she is always on the move!

Relief: Hemp Dog Chews for Pain and Inflamation

RELIEF Hemp Chews For Dogs

No one wants to see their dog in pain and while dogs cannot tell us when or why they’re hurting, as a pet parent, you can always tell. Thankfully, the custom terpene profile in Relief Hemp Chews is specifically formulated to help aid in providing relief during those times when your dog may experience pain, inflammation, or discomfort. Relief’s custom terpene profile contains Humulene, Bisabolo, Myrcene, Pinene and Caryophyllene.

@navycorgi can be found on our Relief package. Navy is a blue merle cardigan welsh corgi from Washington, D.C. Navy loves treats, tricks and traveling. Thankfully, she has Relief Hemp Chews to ease any pain or discomfort that comes from her training or cross-country travels.

Hemp Oil & Ingredients

The Hemp Oil used in Hemp Chews is custom sourced and locally grown in Wisconsin and our beef is sourced from the heartland of the Midwest, produced in our family owned and operated facilities. As with all Vital Essentials products, these chews have a limited ingredient panel and are free of added fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Best of all, Freeze-Dried Hemp Chews are grain free, gluten free and guilt free!

Hemp chews are designed as a treat and are not intended to be fed as a complete and balanced diet. They can be fed up to 3 times per day, every 5-6 hours, and they taste great! Not only will your dog love the flavor of real meat, but you can feel confident that you’re providing your pet with a chew that is not only all natural but may also be beneficial to their well being. Want to learn more? Visit our Website and enter your email for exclusive offers, check out our other Blog posts and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.