Vital Essentials® has been honored with the Pet Business 2019 Industry Recognition Award in the Merchandising Displays category for its VE RAW BAR. The one-of-a-kind display features a freestanding rack that holds 12 bulk containers filled with freeze-dried chews and offers a 360° shopping experience. 

Pet retailers are constantly seeking high-quality products for their customers, but often struggle with space and unique ways to showcase consumable goods. Adding complexity to the merchandising dilemma, consumers often shop with their pets at these specialty retail stores. 

“We saw an opportunity to create a display that not only met the needs of both the consumers and retailers, but exceeds them! We’ve seen tremendous interest in our VE RAW BAR merchandise rack along with the assortment of freeze-dried chews for dogs and cats that fill the bulk containers,” shared Melissa Olson, VP Sales & Marketing.  “The response to the newly designed display has been overwhelming. We’re truly blessed to receive this honor recognizing the innovative spirit with which this was designed.”

The VE RAW BAR display is filled with 12 functional freeze-dried chews that help aid in a number of health benefits for pets ranging from dental health to mental stimulation and are an excellent source of protein.  The newest additions to the display include Freeze-Dried Bully Twists and Freeze-Dried Duck Hearts. The VE RAW BAR product line offers items like Freeze-Dried Chicken Necks for dogs and cats, Freeze-Dried Moo Sticks, Freeze-Dried Salmon Skins and the ever popular Freeze-Dried Duck Head

Over 2,500 independent pet retail stores across the United States and Canada have added the VE RAW BAR to their stores.  Pet parents can find these retailers using the online store locator.


Carnivore Meat Company has long been known as a “Meat Shoppe for Pets” and for our mission to provide the most innovative, healthy and biologically appropriate food to pets around the globe.  Our brands include Vital Essentials®Vital Cat® and Nature’s Advantage®, which are sold in over 6,000 retail locations across the USA and Canada.  They can also be found in 14 international markets and online via Chewy, Amazon, PetFlow and more. We’re proud of the many accolades we’ve garnered over the years including our most recent recognitions for the VE RAW BAR, which received the 2019 Pet Business Innovation Award and the 2019 Most Innovative Display, in addition to Vital Cat being named the 2019 Cat Treat of the Year by Independent Innovation Awards. As pet ambassadors, we support local and regional shelters with our Giving Back program to help improve the lives of dogs and cats waiting for their furever home. Visit for more information.