What should you do if your dog won't eat raw food

Most dog’s instinctively love the real meat and vital organs that make up the bulk of a raw fed dog’s diet. However, a raw diet is quite different from a traditional kibble diet and sometimes it takes some convincing to switch your dog to raw. 

Some dogs are hooked on the carbs, added fillers and junk ingredients found in kibble. The taste, the texture and the consistency of a raw diet is different from what they are used to. It’s like switching from eating greasy fast food every day to eating healthfoods every day; it can take some time to get used to. If your dog won’t eat the raw food you’re offering them, here are some tips you can try: 

Tip: Mix it up

Mixing the raw food into your dog’s regular kibble can help entice picky eaters who may be hesitant to try a raw diet. You can also make a gravy to pour over the top using Meal Mix-ins. Slowly adding variety to your dog’s everyday diet will help them become accustomed to the dietary changes. 

Tip: Add goat’s milk

Some dairy products, such as cow’s milk, may cause digestion problems and diarrhea in dogs. However, raw goat’s milk is easy on a dog’s digestive system and less likely to cause loose stool. Adding a small amount of goat’s milk on top of the raw food you’re feeding your dog can often be the factor that entices your dog to try raw for the first time. Pretty soon your dog will be loving raw so much that you won’t need the goat’s milk. Use the extra to make some yummy doggy pup-sicles.  

Tip: Check the temperature

If you’re feeding a pre-made frozen raw diet, such as Vital Essentials Frozen Patties, check the temperature before feeding it to your dog. Leaving thawed patties at room temperature for 10 minutes before offering them to your dog, or adding a little warm water to the patties, will often warm them up enough to convince your dog to try them. Don’t warm them up in the microwave or on the stove, however, as that will cook the raw patties. 

Tip: Change the consistency

Raw diets come in a variety of consistencies and forms including frozen patties, freeze-dried patties, freeze-dried mini patties, freeze-dried nibblets and freeze-dried mini nibs. If your dog is having a difficult time making the switch, try a different form of raw food. You can also change the consistency of freeze-dried patties by adding some liquid and breaking the patties up to form a thick gravy texture. 

Tip: Change proteins 

Typically raw diets are made with a single protein source so if you’ve tried all of the above tips and your dog still isn’t taking to a raw diet it may be time to switch the protein source. There are a variety of Vital Essentials protein sources available including beef, chicken, turkey, duck, salmon and rabbit, so don’t be afraid to try something different. 

Tip: Be consistent 

The more frequently you offer a raw diet to your dog the quicker they will be accustomed to the change. You’ll also begin to see the benefits of a raw diet including a thick, shiny coat, less shedding, less poo, and an overall healthier pet. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer reviews and learn more about the health benefits of a raw diet from first-hand experiences. 

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