Pets.  You hate to leave home without them.  So, why not take them with you on your next day trip or vacation?
We’ve got some great tips from Jeremy Van Beek, Got Your Six K9s, for this summer’s roadtrips.

 1.   Create a Preparation & Packing List

We put together a handy-dandy list for you.  Get a Copy Here

Dog Travel Tips

2.  Traveling Safely

  1. Crate your dog while the vehicle is moving for your safety and your pet’s.
  2. Monitor the vehicle temperature.
    • On a hot day, a stopped vehicle (even with windows down) can reach high temperatures in a matter of minutes that can be extremely dangerous for your pets.
    • When temperatures drop during the fall and winter, vehicles acts as a refrigerator and can also cause distress.
  3. Always leash your dog while at a rest stop.  There’s nothing more dangerous to your dog than being let out of the vehicle off-leash in an unfamiliar place.
Traveling with Navy

3.   Take Breaks Every Few Hours

Stop every few hours so that you and your pet can move around, stretch and take a potty break. This is a great time to get some fresh water and/or give a snack. If you’re planning to stop for long periods, have a tie out system for your dog so that they can be outside, but never leave them alone. Lastly, while stopped, remember to always pick up your pet’s mess. Nothing is more upsetting than watching people leave their dog’s mess at a rest stop and then drive off.

4.   Mealtime

Mealtime may present some challenges while you’re on the go with your best bud. Changes in schedule, new environments, possible motion sickness can all affect your pet’s appetite and enthusiasm during feeding times. Be sure to keep favorite foods readily available in containers or resealable packages. Consider feeding smaller portions more frequently during rest stops. And, most importantly be sure to keep everyone hydrated.

For pet parents who are feeding a raw diet, meals can be more difficult to plan for, especially if you’re making your own food or using a frozen entrée. Look for a raw freeze-dried alternative to take along like our mini nibs, which can be fed “as is” with no muss, no fuss!

5.  Don’t forget to pack the treats!

Have plenty of high value treats on hand to reinforce commands and keep your dog’s attention. There will be a lot to distract both you and your pet. Help your pup stay on their best behavior to ensure you both enjoy traveling together.

6.  Traveling with Kitty

Many of these tips are great for traveling with both dogs and cats. I’m sure some of you reading this know that traveling with a cat is NOT so fun. To keep your trip stress-free for everyone involved, think about leaving your cat at home unless it’s a necessary trip.


Have a great traveling tip?

We’d love to hear it! Send us your comments or join the conversation on Facebook. Enjoy your summer and travel safely with your 4-legged friends.

In addition to your summer adventures, it’s important to ensure your pet is getting essential nutrients and a well-balanced diet. We’ve got all the bases covered with our freeze-dried entrees and treats. Learn more about Vital Essentials for Dogs and Cats .