Vital Essentials’ Laura Lutzke, Caryn Frazier and Lauren Cooling, provide five tips to make your work day with Fido a success.

Your dog, your best friend, your co-worker? That’s right! Pet friendly businesses are on the rise and according to KATU News, “Studies by several top universities recently found that employees were generally more productive, less stressed and happier in workplaces that allowed pets, specifically dogs.

If your workplace is pet friendly and you’re planning on bringing Fido in, to make it a success for you, your dog and your co-workers, here are five things to keep in mind.

Gus and Josie meet for the first time.
Vital Essentials office pals Gus and Josie meet for the first time.

1. Consider Purchasing a Baby Gate

Dogs love to explore new places and they can get pretty rambunctious if left alone with other office pets so it’s best to keep them by your side if it’s their first visit. Walk through your office prior to Fido’s arrival to ensure your dog will not get into anything he/she isn’t supposed to. Remember the old saying, “My dog ate my homework”? Imagine explaining that one to your boss.

2. Keep Fido Focused with Toys & Treats

If it’s the first time your dog is at your office, be aware that some people find it hard to work near dogs who bark, whine or play with toys that make noise. To keep Fido occupied in this new and exciting environment, bring some snacks that will keep him/her busy. Consider stopping by your local VE RAW BAR™ for a selection of snacks that are healthy, nutritious and perfect for keeping your dog focused at work.

3. Create a Comfortable Space

Bring an item or two from home that your pet will recognize by scent. A cozy bed or blanket are perfect options that provide a dedicated “spot” they can claim as their own. Creating a space near your desk with familiar smells will help your dog relax and be less stressed.

Working hard or hardly working?
Working hard or hardly working? Vital Essentials taste tester Maddie sleeping on the job.

4. Office Breaks

If there are multiple dogs in your office and they are meeting for the first time be prepared to have a backup plan if things start to get out of control. Typical meet and greets include jumping, barking and sniffing of the rears. If the excitement starts to become a distraction to others in the office, step outside for a quick walk and allow them to expel their energy there if need be.

5. Accidents Happen

Frequent potty breaks are important, especially if they’re in a new environment and you notice them going through their water more quickly. It’s a good idea to bring your own cleaning supplies just in case of any accidents.

Lastly, allowing pets in the office generally makes it necessary for an employer to draft a “pet policy.” Be sure to check with your company to ensure your following company rules. Perhaps your company already thinks there are enough animals running the office, just kidding… Enjoy your furry co-worker!