Freeze Dried Cat Treats Freeze Dried Cat Treats

Vital Cat Frozen & Freeze Dried Cat Food

Raw cat food: limited ingredients and puuurfect for all life stages.

As an innovator of pet food, we provide you with product choices so you can find the right ones for your fuzzy-faced friend. A balanced, complete raw meat diet has the essential nutrients that drive cats crazy — in a very good way!

Whether frozen or freeze dried, our grain free cat food have essential nutrients and are satisfying meal options for cats. Look for products containing the exact protein your cat wants.

Give your cat the benefits of a raw diet without having to chop, grind or mix. Our slow, 48-hour freeze-drying process removes moisture without heat damage. So, your cat enjoys superior nutrient digestibility, preserved enzymes, undamaged vitamins, and incredible deliciousness. Oh, and no-muss-no-fuss for you!

One thing to keep in mind: Our products are purely raw. Check the ingredients panel of each, and you’ll find they contain no “junk” ingredients.



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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If your pet has a hard time switching, or just doesn’t like a certain protein, our 30 day consumer satisfaction guarantee lets you return the product to the store where purchased for a full refund (store receipt and product bag required for returns).

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