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Vital Essentials Common Q&A

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Q:  How do I know if my pet is obese?

A:  Animal nutritionist, Dr. Richard Patton, says there are some easy signs to determine if your pet is obese in this “Ask Your Pet” segment.


Q:  I’ve tried to add water to the freeze-dried mini nibs, but they don’t seem to re-hydrate.  How should I feed Vital Essentials Mini Nibs?

A:  Actually, Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs should served “as is” without adding water, unlike other similar products you may find at your local pet store.  Freeze-dried Mini Nibs offer a great crunchy option for those dogs and cats the have a preference for dry foods, but with an added boost of raw goodness. This is an excellent option for pet parents looking to feed complete and balanced meal or for those who want to add in the mini nibs to their pets’ current diet to get added nutrients and protein.

As with any diet, please be sure to provide plenty of fresh, clean water for your pet at all times.

Just ask Toby what he prefers…

Q: Where do your meats come from?

A: The meats for Vital Essentials raw dog food products and raw cat food products are raised without added hormones or antibiotics. We are proud to source U.S.A. farm-raised, pasture-fed, free-run, and wild-caught ingredients.

Q: Do I have to add water to the freeze-dried entrées?

A: Depending on your pet’s preference, there are two great options: mini nibs and mini patties. The mini nibs are great “as is” with no water needed. The freeze-dried mini patties are great with water added to them before serving to your pet. If your dog or cat rarely uses the water bowl, choose the mini patty option with water to help balance out moisture intake.

Q: Is there a benefit to mixing raw with regular kibble?

A: Of course! A grain free, high-protein, raw meat diet is much healthier for your pet because of the lack of insoluble carbohydrates that it contains. However, a strictly raw meat diet can be fairly expensive. An easy solution is to mix raw and dry pet food together to make a meal that both your pet and your wallet enjoy.

Q. How is a raw food dog or cat diet complete and balanced without fruits or vegetables?

A: In the wild, herbivores consume a large number of plants, and carnivores consume a small number of herbivores. In the process, carnivores indirectly receive all of the vitamins and nutrients of fruits and vegetables.

Q. How does a raw diet benefit pets with skin allergies?

A: Allergies occur when the microflora in your pet’s stomach becomes used to receiving unnatural ingredients from regular dry kibble. With a raw diet, the lack of unnatural ingredients allows your pet’s microflora to reset to what it naturally should be, which helps control allergies.

Q: Is it beneficial for me to regularly switch proteins?

A: If you’re feeding your pet a quality source of protein (such as a raw meat diet), there are no health benefits to switching proteins, which is mostly a matter of preference among you and your pet.

Q: What is an “Alpha Prey-Model Diet”?

A: In the wild, when a pack of carnivores catches prey, the alpha eats first (usually the yummy vital organs [heart, lungs, kidneys] and bone). These are loaded with essential nutrients, so the stronger, healthier animal develops the best immune system and makes healthy offspring.

A raw meat diet is exactly what nature designed dogs and cats to consume. You can provide the alpha prey-model diet to your pet. Vital Essentials uses only fresh, whole, single-sourced USDA animal proteins. We DO NOT use grains (corn, rice), fillers, artificial preservatives, or rendered by-products. It’s a complete and balanced raw diet that’s virtually identical to the alpha’s diet in nature.

Q: How is product quality affected by being “sourced, made, and packaged” in the U.S.A.?

A: Sourcing means that Vital Essentials raw meat materials are harvested in the U.S.A.

We make 100% of our own food. There are no third-party processors, co-packers, or private equity ownership involved with Vital Essentials. We own and operate 100% of our manufacturing, freeze-drying, and finished products storage facilities in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Packaging is vitally important to ensuring the delivery of fresh, safe, and marketable raw pet food, treats, and snacks. Because Vital Essentials packages its own products at its own facility, consumers can be assured that they are getting the freshest food, treats, and snacks possible.

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