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Everything You Need to Know About Freeze-Dried Cat Food & Treats

Are you considering putting your feline friend on a freeze-dried raw diet? Then you’ve come to the right place! A raw diet is closer to what your cat would naturally eat in the wild and more satisfying than traditional dry or wet food, along with a whole host of benefits. Not only will your cat enjoy a little walk on the wild side, but they may also experience a shinier coat, healthier teeth, a calmer tummy and more. Read on to learn why!

So, what is freeze-dried cat food?

Freeze-dried cat food is different from frozen cat food (though both methods can provide similar benefits if produced with the right ingredients and with the right process). We use a special freeze-drying process that uses cold pressure to remove moisture from the meat without cooking it, maintaining nutritional integrity and allowing for easy storage without the need for refrigeration (more on that below!).

Is freeze-dried cat food good for your cat?

In short, yes, though not all freeze-dried cat food is created equal. Freeze-dried food made from high-quality ingredients, and with no fillers, offers a diet closer to your cat’s natural one. In the wild, cats are natural carnivores, so they don’t need the fruits, vegetables, and grains that come in traditional cat food. In fact, those ingredients can actually do more harm than good for your cat, causing an excess of soluble carbohydrates and preventing your cat from absorbing taurine, a key building block for the health of your cat. A freeze-dried diet featuring only meat, organs and bones is the healthiest diet for your cat, paws down!

So, what does that mean for your feline friend?

Since our freeze-dried cat food follows the ALPHA Prey-Model and features only the best ingredients, your cat will feel more satiated from the higher protein content and the lack of corn, rice or other fillers. Because they’re consuming fewer soluble carbohydrates and more protein than they would on a traditional diet, your cat will also experience an overall improvement in health. Freeze-dried raw cat food makes nutrients (like taurine) easier to absorb, often helping with sensitive stomachs, maintaining a healthy weight and creating less waste. And, those are just a few of the benefits! Vital Cat freeze-dried raw cat food can also help alleviate dry skin, contribute to a shinier coat and improve oral health.

Now that’s something to meow about!

How Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Cat Food is Made

We make 100% of our own food, using poultry and meat raised on American-based farms and wild-caught fish. Rather than heating or cooking our ingredients, we use a slow, 48-hour freeze-drying method to remove moisture and lock in the foods’ nutrients. Learn more about our process and how it differs from dehydration.

See how we do it:


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Are freeze-dried raw treats safe for your cat?

Learn why exotic treats and snacks like VE RAW BAR Chicken Necks are safe for your pet from animal nutritionist, Dr. Richard Patton.


Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food Supplements

Whether you feed your cat raw food or traditional kibble, meal toppers are a great way to add more protein or an additional energy boost to your cat’s diet. If your feline friend is a picky eater, has a sensitive stomach, or needs an immune system boost, Vital Essentials supplements might just be for them. Our products promote health and vitality without any of the synthetic vitamins, artificial colors and fillers of other cat food supplements.


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Answers to Your Freeze-Dried Cat Food Questions

Q: Does it matter which protein I feed my cat?

A: If you’re feeding your cat Vital Cat products, the protein you choose is mostly a matter of preference for you and your pet. Thankfully, we have a lot to choose from to delight even the pickiest eater! Whether your cat enjoys more traditional proteins like beef or chicken or wants to try something more exotic like rabbit or duck, we have just the protein source for them! Shop all of our cat food products here.

Q: Can I add freeze-dried raw cat food to my cat’s regular dry food?

A: Of course! It’s a great way to add some of the benefits of raw to your cat’s diet if wet or dry food is their main source of nutrients. Read this blog post to learn how to incorporate raw food into your pet’s diet or consider supplementing your cat’s food with treats or meal toppers.

Q: What’s the difference between frozen and freeze-dried cat food?

A: While they may sound similar, the process is completely different! Vital Cat frozen cat food is frozen using flash freezing, a quick-freezing method. Freeze-drying preserves the food by removing the water from it, meaning the product is dry and does not require freezing or thawing at home. Learn which kind your cat might prefer or browse freeze-dried cat food products. We also offer frozen dog food and freeze-dried dog food and treats.

Q: Can I freeze-dry cat food myself?

A: Freeze-drying should only be done by professional pet food manufacturers to maintain food safety and pet health. Freeze-drying requires specialized equipment, so you should not attempt the process yourself.

Q: Does freeze-dried cat food need to be refrigerated?

A: In short, no! See below for feeding and storing instructions.


Feeding and Storing Instructions for Freeze-Dried Cat Food

How to Feed Your Cat Freeze-Dried Food

Feeding your cat freeze-dried food is easy! Use as a complete meal or mix in with other food. Freeze-dried products can be fed as-is or patties can be rehydrated with warm water. After adding water, let the food sit for a few minutes and then serve. Feed up to double the amount for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats (individual requirements may vary).

How to Store Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

For optimal food safety and freshness, store freeze-dried products in a cool dark place and feed within 30 days of opening.

How to transition your cat to a freeze-dried diet:

It’s easy to make the switch to a healthy diet like Vital Essentials. Just introduce small portions and gradually increase over time. Use the chart below as a guide to help your cat adjust to their new favorite food.


Freeze-Dried Cat Food Reviews and Testimonials

Read real pet stories from our customers!

Willow & Denali

Thanks Vital Essentials for making high quality products my cats love and this momma can trust. This was our first time trying the prepared kitty raw diet. My crew was crying for me to hurry as soon as I opened the bag of Turkey Mini Patties. My kitties devoured those patties like they hadn’t eaten in weeks. I caved and gave everyone an extra portion! I love watching my beloved cats enjoy life.

– James

Ivy & Ella

We adopted Ivy and Ella from the same foster home when they were 4 and 5 months old. As soon as we brought them home, we began transitioning them to a Vital Essentials raw food diet. It didn’t take much transitioning though because they absolutely loved the chicken and rabbit patties! They also snack on all of Vital Essential chicken and rabbit treats and go nuts over the chicken hearts. They have the silkiest, shiniest coats and have never had any serious health problems and I attribute it to their diets. Thank you Vital Essentials!


pet cat with vital cat treats

The picture shows how much my cat Shelby loves the treat.Pictured: Freeze-Dried Vital Cat Rabbit Bites -Aza


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