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Everything You Need to Know About Raw Frozen Cat Food

Thinking about switching your cat to a raw diet? You’ve come to the right place! More satisfying than traditional dry or wet food, and closer to what your cat would naturally eat in the wild, raw cat food offers a whole host of benefits. Not only will your cat enjoy a little walk on the wild side—they may also experience a shinier coat, a calmer tummy and more. Read on to learn why!

But first, what is frozen cat food, and which raw cat food is best?

Frozen cat food isn’t just raw meat put in the freezer. Frozen raw cat food is created using a special flash-freezing process that locks in moisture and preserves nutrients. That means the right frozen cat food should be sourced from quality proteins and the ingredients should never be thawed when it’s being produced. Thawing ingredients in production can cause discoloration and a loss of nutritional value.

Frozen raw cat food vs. canned or dry cat food: Is raw better?

Not all frozen cat food is created equal, but frozen raw cat food made from quality ingredients tends to outweigh other options when it comes to protein and health benefits. In the wild, cats are naturally carnivores, meaning they don’t need fruits, vegetables or the soluble carbohydrates that come with canned food or kibble. In fact, these ingredients can be more harmful than helpful for cats by blocking the absorption of taurine in their food, an essential building block for the health of your cat.

A diet of pure meat, organs and bones best meets your feline friend’s needs for taurine, supporting healthy vision, muscles and their immune system. And, it follows the ALPHA Prey-Model, meaning your cat gets the best nutrients and the best proteins, like they would in the wild.

Now that’s something to meow about!

How Vital Cat Frozen Cat Food is Made

We make 100% of our own food, using poultry and meat raised on American-based farms and wild-caught fish. To make our frozen raw cat food and frozen raw dog food products, we use a method called “flash freezing” to lock in the essential nutrients, enzymes and moisture for optimum nutrition and freshness. Freezing the food raw preserves the meats’ juices and ingredients to appeal to your cat’s natural instincts even more.

See how it’s made for yourself!


Frozen Raw Cat and Kitten Food Products from Vital Cat

Frozen Vital Cat products are available exclusively in independent pet stores throughout the U.S. Find one near you.


Select frozen cat foods now available in convenient, freezer-safe, resealable packaging!

Simply thaw the container and serve the appropriate portion for your cats. Browse products or see more perks below!


Are freeze-dried raw treats safe for your cat?

Learn why exotic treats and snacks like VE RAW BAR Chicken Necks are safe for your pet from animal nutritionist, Dr. Richard Patton.


Raw Cat Treats

If your cat is a finicky eater, or you want to treat him or her to something a little more exotic, check out our cat treats or VE RAW BAR for products like Cod Skins, Salmon Skins and more!


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Answers to Your Frozen Cat Food Questions

Q: Does it matter which kind of frozen cat food I choose?

A: There are few differences in health benefits between Vital Cat chicken, beef, rabbit or turkey cat food options, so the protein you choose is a matter of preference for you and your cat.

Q: Can you add frozen raw cat food to wet or dry food?

A: Of course! It’s a great way to add some of the benefits of raw to your cat’s diet if wet or dry food is the main source of nutrients for your cat. Read this blog post about how to incorporate raw food into your pet’s diet or consider supplementing your cat’s food with treats or meal toppers.

Q: What’s the difference between frozen and freeze-dried cat food?

A: While they may sound similar, the process is completely different! Vital Cat frozen cat food is frozen using flash freezing, a quick-freezing method. Freeze-drying preserves the food by removing the water, meaning the product is dry and does not require freezing or thawing at home. Learn which kind your cat might prefer or browse freeze-dried cat food products. We also and freeze-dried dog food and treats.

Q: How many patties come in a bag?

A: There are 12 individual frozen patties per 6-lb. bag and each patty weighs 8 oz.

Q: Can you cook raw cat food?

A: While some pet parents may prepare meals for their cats, avoid cooking Vital Cat raw cat food products. They’re prepared to be fed raw and fit your cat’s natural diet!

Q: Can you refreeze raw cat food?

A: For optimal food safety and to preserve the nutrients, avoid refreezing frozen raw patties after thawing. Frozen raw food tubs are resealable for convenience. Store tubs in the refrigerator after feeding. See more feeding instructions below!


Feeding and Storing Instructions for Frozen Cat Food

How to feed your cat frozen cat food patties:

Give your cat their daily portion of food after thawing in the refrigerator. Always provide access to clean, fresh water with the meal.

*Feed up to double the amount for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats. Individual requirements may vary.

How to store and thaw frozen raw cat food:

Store the product in the freezer until you’re ready to use it. When ready to use, remove from the freezer and thaw in the refrigerator. Avoid leaving food at temperatures warmer than 40ºF for more than 2 hours. For smaller portions, thaw only a few patties at a time and keep the remainder in the original bag in the freezer. If feeding from a tub, replace the lid and store in the refrigerator.

Vital Cat frozen cat food patties are best if used within 4-5 days of thawing, depending on refrigerator temperature.

Use these tips for safe handling of raw cat food:

Keep yourself and your cat safe by washing your hands, counters, utensils and your cat’s food dish with hot, soapy water after each feeding.

Transitioning your cat to a raw diet?

It’s easy to make the switch to a healthy diet like Vital Essentials. Just introduce small portions and gradually increase over time. Use the chart below as a guide to help your cat adjust to their new favorite food.


Frozen Cat Food Reviews and Testimonials

Read about the perks of frozen cat food from our customers!


Nova is a 3 year old tabby that I have raised since she was about four weeks old. I noticed when she was a kitten her mouth area would flare up and hot spots would appear behind her legs. I did a lot of research and tried all of the best cat kibble and wet food, but no matter what I tried her food allergies would persist. Despite giving her quality kibble and canned food, I was still weary because of the ingredients that I had no clue what benefit they had for cats. I decided to try raw food because it made perfect sense looking at a much smaller ingredient list that I could cut out what she was allergic to. It was not easy to transition her to a raw diet; it took about two months of persistence! It paid off when I noticed no more flaring up or itchy skin, it was like night and day; I had finally figured it out. She has tried Rad Cat, SmallBatch and Primal, but I know her favorite is Vital Essentials, because there are no fruits or veggies in any of their recipes. Recently, Vital Essentials was kind enough to send us a voucher so she could try the Vital Cat Frozen Rabbit Entrees, and she loved them! I mean seriously once she tried rabbit she was hooked, and any time I would open the fridge she was meowing at me to give her more! Thank you Vital Essentials for being such a great company, and giving Nova the best diet that I feel 100% positive feeding to her.



Scout is the pickiest eater; she refuses to eat any wet food and only eats a small amounts of her dry food. I switched her over the Vital Essentials Frozen Mini Patties, in hopes that she would like a healthier alternative to her current food. It took a few days for her to get used to the different food, but now she loves it. She is actually eating her food and hasn’t had any stomach issues since switching to Vital Essentials. Also, Her coat is looking much healthier. I’m so happy I switched her to Vital Essentials because I know she’s eating a healthier diet.


pet kitty sleeping on white and blue blanket
Captain Cowboy

“Captain Cowboy has a sensitive stomach.  He eats whatever is in front of him, but then he’ll show me he ate it by distributing it all over the house.  The Vital Essentials Duck and Rabbit blend not only has never yielded an upchuck response, but he eats it with such enthusiasm and vigor it’s obvious he’s loving every bite!  It is definitely our favorite food!”



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