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Health Benefits for Pets

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Paws down, the healthiest food for your pet.

As a pet owner, you have a responsibility. No pressure, but what you feed your dog or cat directly impacts their health and happiness … for a lifetime. If you care (and we know you do), consider a raw diet that can reduce the risk of certain diseases, increase your pet’s lifespan and improve your pet’s quality of life.

First, Vital Essentials® ingredients are responsibly sourced proteins. Second, the ingredients we DON’T include are as important as what we do. Third, we understand the dietary needs of dogs and cats. From metabolism to biochemistry, each species requires food, snacks, and treats that maximize nutritional value.

So, what’s this “ALPHA Prey-Model Diet”?

The ALPHA Prey-Model Diet follows nature’s example with no added fruits or vegetables – just meat, vital organs, and bones. To a carnivore, these are the most nutritious and delicious parts of a whole animal. They instinctively thrive on these essential nutrients which promote vitality and support overall health and wellness for all breeds and ages.

It’s good to be in the “NO”

  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • No added fillers or flavorings
  • No artificial preservatives or coloring
  • No synthetic vitamins or minerals
  • No rendered by-products
  • No worries

And always…

Gluten Free, Grain Free, Guilt Free®

be healthy
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P_Home-Page_Pug_Position-1_Big DENTAL HEALTH Something to smile about

Why do dogs that eat commercial pet food have bad teeth? Starch! It causes tartar buildup, dental disease, and mouth infections. Poor dental hygiene affects energy levels, too. The crunching of a raw diet naturally helps remove tartar and plaque while strengthening teeth, and chewing stimulates healthy gums, which is great for circulation.

P_Home-Page_Pug_Position-1_Big COAT AND SKIN Looking good, feeling good

Some dogs and cats can’t stop scratching their dry, itchy skin. A healthy immune system, which a raw diet can promote, helps produce a smoother, shinier coat. Why? Because the fatty acids common in raw foods are wonderful for your pet’s skin. Plus, no more stinky coats!

P_Home-Page_Pug_Position-1_Big ALLERGY RELIEF An amazing result

The more your pet consumes processed food, the more likely allergies are to develop. These can show up as ear and eye infections, skin problems, gut challenges, and more. Raw food, like Vital Essentials, is grain free and gluten free, which reduces the risk of allergies developing. If your dog or cat is showing signs of allergies, a raw diet could be the right solution.

P_Home-Page_Pug_Position-1_Big LESS ODORS Prepare for more snuggling

You’ve met them. Friendly (but stinky) dogs and cats. You naturally want to hug them, but that smell! On a raw diet, your pet’s coat and breath can become funk-free. Sure, a bath gets them smelling like lilacs on a spring morning, but you can eliminate that stink by feeding a healthy raw diet. Oh, and they pass less gas, too. Whew!

P_Home-Page_Pug_Position-1_Big INCREASED ENERGY Zooooooom!

“Garbage in, garbage out” is the old saying about people eating healthy foods. For dogs and cats, it’s the same. A raw diet is so powerful that many owners (nearly instantly) see an energy jump after the switch to raw. Pets live at an ideal weight, grow strong bones, have firm muscle tone, and seem to enjoy life like never before, or at least since they were kittens/puppies.

P_Home-Page_Pug_Position-1_Big LESS POOP A change we can all live with

A raw diet is easy for a dog or cat to digest, so your pet keeps more nutrients and creates less waste. So first, fewer eliminations overall. Second, stools are firmer and near odorless. Lastly, the stools of a healthy, raw fed pet are smaller in size, too.

P_Home-Page_Pug_Position-1_Big GOOD TASTE The pure joy of eating

In addition to getting a balanced diet and enjoying healthy digestion, your pet dog or cat LIKES eating raw foods. The texture, the taste, the satisfaction. It’s all so primal and exciting. Plus, they expend energy while they eat, so they’ll relax afterwards. More cuddling time for you!

P_Home-Page_Pug_Position-1_Big HAPPY PET Life is good

Commercial food (also known as kibble) contains sugars and carbohydrates, which can prompt overeating. Obesity is a common problem, but it doesn’t have to be. The balance of a raw diet is typically better for overall health, including good digestion and a strong immune system, leading to a healthier and happier pet.

Explore all of the Vital Essentials raw delights.

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